What we look for

At the core of Nuvento is its desire to reward bright people and great ideas, our mantra has been to create greater Value for our customers, and we achieve it through cost efficient consulting models, quality oriented services or through superior solutions.

With our offices in India and USA we fulfill the promise of creating greater value and cost efficiencies for our customers.

  • Self motivation and an ability to adapt and deliver when faced with challenges
  • Is a strong team player, actively focuses on building relationships based on trust with his or her peers and customers.
  • Shows a strong sense of creativity, and works hard at learning newer technologies to build superior solutions.

Our offer

To every Nuventoite we promise.

  • To give you a fun and challenging career through projects, newer work environment and diverse cultural settings.
  • A work ethic that respects every individual’s personal and professional preferences.
  • A work ethic that treats every individual with respect irrespective of their race, religion, language or sex.

Value for ideas

At Nuvento, your ideas are always valued and respected. We provide the right environment required to transition ideas into solutions. All Nuvento employees are encouraged to think out of the box, be creative, have fun and develop solutions that use new thoughts and innovative approaches.

To every Nuventoite we promise.

  • Forums to present your idea, this forum will get you started with consolidating your thoughts and generating the right approach to make your ideas a success.
  • Access to business managers and solution heads who will help you evaluate a market case for your ideas and approach models.
  • Implementation support for your products, solutions and approaches.
  • Partnership incentives for solutions that have marketing potential.

For enquiries and resume submission please email to [email protected]