Making real business intelligence possible using QlikView

Long implementation timelines and lack of value delivery had led a major U.S. construction firm to the brink of cancelling their internal BI project. Nuvento implemented a Qlikview solution that provided immediate value while complimenting the existing BI platform for a relatively low cost. And the users? They love it.

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Telecom Business Intelligence

Telecom sector in the Asian markets have seen tremendous growth in the last decade. With corporate entering into sharing agreements, the telecom operator companies and infrastructure asset management companies have clearly demarcated roles. Infrastructure companies are therefore concentrating on gaining better operator business by constantly monitoring and optimizing their assets by focusing on data delivered from their infrastructure.

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Performance management system for insurance companies

One of the largest U.S. insurance companies needed strong performance management systems to manage its 16,000 claims representatives. Nuvento offered a web-based Business Reporting Framework that provides scorecards based on user types.

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Quality assurance solutions for Insurance companies

It has been correctly said, “Anything worth doing is worth doing right.” Business Intelligence (BI) solutions enable organizations to make the best possible decisions to improve business practices and profitability. While implementing BI solutions is a concrete step to success, it is not enough. Organizations need to ensure that their BI solutions are of the highest quality.

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Fraud detection for Insurance companies

Increase in fraud was a serious threat to one of the leading insurance companies in the U.S. Nuvento implemented an automated reporting mechanism that detects possible frauds, made by claims representatives during the settlement of an auto liability or casualty claim.

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Social Media Analytics

John Naisbitt, author of bestselling book Megatrends, stated in 1995 that “we are drowning in information but starved for knowledge.” Around the same time a study at Berkeley University has estimated that by the end of 1999, the sum of human-produced information (including all audio, video recordings and text) to be about 12 Exabyte of data, where one Exabyte is 1 million terra bytes. By 2009, only a decade later, 494 Exabyte of information were transferred seamlessly across the globe every day, according to The Digital Britain Final Report.

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