Telecom Business Intelligence

Nuvento’s Network Performance Analyzer is a highly scalable network service reporting and analysis module developed to help CSP’s (Communication Service Providers) collect and analyze data from multivendor and multi-technology networks.

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Business Intelligence Solutions

Imagine a world where you could be confident of every decision made. A day when a simple click could give you the right information, at the right time, to make the best choices for your business … every time!

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BI Health Check

Organizations that have undertaken significant investments in various reporting and analytical platforms are now validating their ROI (Return on Investment). Business Intelligence teams are now increasingly under pressure to showcase their performance based on their operations ability to measure, manage and predict specific performance indicators of their organization.

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Social Media Analytics

At Nuvento, we are turning information gathered from social media into intelligible knowledge. Creating intelligible information by analyzing social media data is not an easy task. What makes it difficult is the sheer volume of information and high degree of noise. We subject the gathered data to statistical and machine learning algorithmic techniques to reduce problem dimensionality, to identify correlations, create clusters, establish linkages, build relationships, and to create predictive rules among buzz elements.

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