The market is undergoing a shift towards a more integrated ecosystem of decision making. The emergence of collaborative data sharing, cloud computing and mobile based data delivery has increased the appetite to use data to even make day to day operational decisions.

With improvements in computing speeds and lower infrastructure costs, IT leaders are increasingly investing in analytics and simulations for every business action. The integrated delivery of mobile and cloud with big data repositories have further optimized the use of analytics in day to day scenarios.

Based on its research, Nuvento has developed a portfolio of services for organizations to jumpstart, expand and improve upon its decision making capabilities using analytics. Our capabilities include,

  • Social Media Analytics
  • Insurance Analytics / P&C and Life Insurance
  • Text Analytics / Sentiment Analysis
  • Call Center Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Statistical Data Modeling and Testing
  • Big Data based data storage and deployments

Why Big Data management is critical for the success of analyticsa

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