Companies often use different technologies and tools in order to streamline organizational processes. This includes various applications with data storage varying from flat files to RDBMS; as a result of which data obtained from these sources remain distributed. Consolidating data and developing reports from these distributed sources is a challenge and requires a lot of time and effort.

ETL – Extract Transform and Load provides a perfect solution in order to address this challenge. ETL tools helps extract data from various sources and build datamarts with consolidated data. This provides organizations with a single source of data required for analysis and reporting. There are several of tools available in the market for performing ETL. SSIS – SQL Server Integration Services is one of the widely used tools for performing ETL activities. One of the drawbacks of SSIS is a lack of a web interface to track the progress of ETL activities along with logs, job schedules and alerts in case of job failure. Nuvento has thus developed ETL Center, a web-based solution in order to address these gaps.

Centralized operations management system allows users to easily automate the process of:

  • Extracting data from various sources
  • Transforming it to match their business requirements
  • Populating the data into analytic databases such as data warehouses, data marts and operational data stores
  • Manage ETL package execution including support for distributed and parallel package execution
  • Recoverability and failure management
  • Execution order set up with task dependencies
  • Execution logging and exception tracking
  • Alerting mechanism with integration to email
  • Robust reporting mechanism