“Our 2012 predictions for analytics and performance management technologies describe how organizations and technology providers must meet the challenges of higher demand in analytical applications, the information explosion and skills shortages in a resource- and budget-constrained environment.” – Gartner (Predicts 2012: Skills Gap is the Biggest Challenge in Leveraging New Opportunities in Analytics and Performance Management)

Organizations that have undertaken significant investments in various reporting and analytical platforms are now validating their ROI (Return on Investment). Business Intelligence teams are now increasingly under pressure to showcase their performance based on their operations ability to measure, manage and predict specific performance indicators of their organization.

To truly assess the value of an OBIEE investment, organizations must assess their capabilities in Business Intelligence across multiple parameters including executive acceptance, program/delivery management, data organization, meta-data management, report delivery, security and insight driving analytics.

Oracle Business Intelligence Health Check
Nuvento’s Business Consulting Group offers a comprehensive review of your existing OBIEE implementation and helps customers understand, improve, expand and strategize their BI investment by providing a comprehensive 3-week assessment.

  • Clear understanding of current strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats
  • Increase analytical and reporting capabilities with the use of OLAP
  • Build capabilities for self-service that reduces ad-hoc report requests
  • Helps deploy well-defined data structure, data warehouse and reporting models
  • Well-defined Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and Key Quality Indicators (KQI)
  • Allows predictive analysis to anticipate future business trends and events
  • Enhanced data visualization with multiple report formats
  • Cost efficient and customized solutions for unique business requirements

Nuvento supports its customers through deployment and usage of Oracle Business Intelligence with an end-to-end Business Intelligence Health Check that includes a comprehensive review of its current OBIEE implementation

Our 3 week comprehensive health assessment includes BI implementation assessment, strategic advice and future roadmaps for OBIEE implementation within an enterprise. Our services include:

  • BI Implementation assessment
  • Data Governance assessment
  • Team Organization and Program Management
  • Data Model review
  • Meta-data / RPD review
  • ETL strategy review
  • OLAP based data capability review
  • Subject areas and conformed dimension models
  • Analytical capability review
  • Security review
  • Dashboarding and reporting practices review
  • Self Service capability assessment
  • Use of Answers for developing advanced self service options
  • Building Alerts and integrating with iPhone and iPad using Discover
  • Quality Assurance and testing of OBIEE products

Based on the needs of our customers we also recommend

  • Self Service portals
  • Advanced pivoting controls
  • Non OBIEE Charting features
  • Third party controls for effective Dashboarding and Reporting
  • Integration with Non Oracle OLAP platforms

We also offer our customers with a 2-day free OBIEE implementation assessment that includes

  • Team Organization and Program Management
  • Data Model review
  • Metadata / RPD review
  • Self Service capability assessment

The 2-day assessment includes interviews and off-site assessment of OBIEE objects like RPD and data schema.