Enterprise Mobility Solution

A leading analyst agency has predicted the mobile application and solutions business to touch $58 billion by 2015.

Enterprise wide investment for Mobile adoption has seen a massive increase. In a recent survey most CIO interviewed believed in having a secure mobile workforce that could utilize location presence, image capture, video recording, live videoconferencing, social networking, multimedia consumption, money transfer, bar code scanning, text messaging, data storage, and Bluetooth connectivity for their day to day operations.

With increase adoption of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) work places, organizations are adapting to a borderless workspace that is easily accessible and fully secure.

NMMC Enterprise mobility solutions helps businesses in building a truly mobile workforce that is dispersed across geographies yet connected through mobile applications.

Key Objectives

  • Expand and integrate a mobile workforce
  • Improve business productivity and collaboration with enterprise approved/developed business apps
  • Enable BYOD – Bring Your Own Device models

Key Areas of Adoption

  • Productivity enhancing Mobile Apps
  • Document viewing and reporting Apps
  • Mobile based workforce management
  • Locational services
  • Remote printing with Bluetooth connectivity