Delivering IT services to your end users, that’s what really matters. It’s all about application performance and application monitoring. Application Monitoring is an activity that helps businesses organizations to ensure high availability and performance for their business applications by ensuring servers and applications have high uptime. This includes application server monitoring, database monitoring, web services monitoring, cloud monitoring etc. This helps IT administrators to monitor the performance of various components of an applications and machines and helps troubleshooting production issues quickly. The major challenges faced in monitoring process are:

  • Task Scheduling: In most of the monitoring processes, there are large numbers of task to handle. Handling these tasks manually is time consuming and involves massive effort.
  • Task Manual: Preparing a task manual for the entire task and referring to it each every time when a particular task is to be executed is not an easy method, particularly for newly on boarded employees.
  • On time Execution: This is crucial as the number of tasks in such projects is huge. It is very difficult for a project lead to ensure that the task is completed on time.
  • Task Handling: As there are many engineers working on same project in many shifts, there are situations to know who handled a particular task, which shift and what time he/she done it etc.
  • Resource Management: This deals with time management and resource allocation in each shift.

Nuvento offers 24×7 monitoring support with specific service level agreements (SLA) and deliverables. The agreements contain service performance metrics such as availability levels, response time or both, and their corresponding service level objectives. These tools help organizations measure the quality of service provided by Nuvento using a tool called Smart Sheet.

Smart Sheet is a web-based service monitoring tool that provides information on the overall monitoring processes and tasks that are defined in the service level agreement contracts.

Scheduling tasks : A complete list of tasks and schedules are entered and prioritized accordingly in the Smart Sheet.

Task Manual : A complete and comprehensive manual that gives descriptions, reminders, start and end date etc.

Task Execution : Set up alerts and reminders to track the progress of the allocated task.

User profiles : Set up user profiles, roles and responsibilities to track your employee’s project progress.

Status reports : Managers can log in to the tool and prepare weekly/monthly status reports. The tools package transforms data into simplified charts and graphs from which administrators can easily determine overall progress of the project.