ETL Center

To create accurate and consistent information Nuvento’s ETL Center extracts the data from a chosen source, transforms it into newer formats and loads it into a target data structure. Reduction of complexity associated with the integration of multiple data sources within and between applications is a hallmark of our ETL center along with the ability to combine nontraditional data sources like sensors and multimedia.

We enable rapid generation of data streams, data warehouses and marts, which lets you create data that can be reused, modified and which have embedded quality processing. Multiple-platform scalability and interoperability is integrated into our system which guarantees higher ROI in IT investments. You can integrate the data within the provided framework or within the database as per your requirements

  • Changes in data can be detected by comparing two different data sources using compare table transformations.
  • OLAP cubes can be easily designed, created and loaded.
  • User selectable options optimizes loading techniques.
  • Each transformation can be scheduled to run in batches at set timings. Triggers can also be set based on events.
  • Transformations are made completely reusable in various technological environments and also in different projects through web services, custom exits and message queues.
  • Transformations are platform independent and also data source independent.
  • Metadata that is captured can be reused immediately through data integration and transformation process.
  • Transformation user interface is easy to use and supports reuse of processes, metadata and collaboration.