Since 2009, social media usage turned commonplace at an astounding speed. According to some estimates 600 tweets are sent per second globally and a higher number of messages are exchanged on Facebook – about 700 messages per second. The impact of this can clearly be felt in corporate world, as tipping point has just inched closer. What prompts companies to channelize funds in social media is that it has shifted much of the almost always labor-intensive market research work of intelligence-gathering and marketing efforts of brand building to the customer. Surely the bandwidth of social media is very wide and noise level is little too high, but a right tuning and intelligent filtering can allow you hear the true voice of your customer.

At Nuvento, we are turning information gathered from social media into intelligible knowledge. Creating intelligible information by analyzing social media data is not an easy task. What makes it difficult is the sheer volume of information and high degree of noise. We subject the gathered data to statistical and machine learning algorithmic techniques to reduce problem dimensionality, to identify correlations, create clusters, establish linkages, build relationships, and to create predictive rules among buzz elements.

  • State of the art analytics allows you to gain insight into true voice of customer
  • Customization is possible for every feature to fit your requirements
  •  Ability to understand actionable item allows you to focus on addressing problems, thus cutting down on time of response significantly
  • Three stage countermeasures to reduce sentiment classification errors
  • Store data in scalable and efficient storage
  • Collect data from Social networking sites, blogs, and product review sites with flexible text queries
  • Full text search, and semantic search
  • Understand daily volume of buzz, create criteria for clustering the voices, view tags and trends
  • Trending of recurring key words and phrases
  • State-of-the art text analytics algorithms : Sentiment analysis, Spam filtering, comparative opinion mining between multiple products with respect to selected features
  • Identify which voice is actionable and which buzz is just informative
  • API to inject actionable items directly into your CRM software, or your mailbox, which can also be configured to create delegation rules based on responsibility, severity, or the tone of the message
  • Automatically cluster voices based on underlying time varying themes Innovative visualization