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Streamline customer experiences without compromising on security with Akamai 

Nuvento + Akamai

Securely manage customer identities and control customer access to apps and services

We are partnered with Akamai to deliver cloudnative customer identity and access management (CIAM) solutions that are fast to deploy with single sign-on (SSO), registration, authentication and preference management. Our CIAM solution enables centralized management of customer profiles across your organization on a SaaS platform that is built to scale, perform and comply with the US and global regulatory policies. 

The focus of Akamai’s solutions is on making customer data highly available across the organization while making it secure and compliant with global regulations, including GDPR. We believe in making data readily available for marketing analysis that helps in making quality business decisions. Being a cloud native solution, our CIAM requires zero syncing time and is highly scalable based on business requirements. 

Akamai’s modern identity framework 

We store your customer data in a centralized cloud directory that’s integrated with your business’s marketing landscape. This framework by Akamai powers up your team’s capabilities to deliver omni-channel personalization, share customer consent across channels as well as manage access controls.

Akamai’s modern identity framework

CIAM Key Features

Customer On-boarding

Enable easy deployment of seamless ,safe and extensive customer on-boarding.

Single Sign-on (SSO)

SSO implementation over different apps and platforms.

Registration and Authentication

Always maintain a safe open door for registration and verification.


Scalable to accommodate millions of customers.

Simple & Secure Access

Subscription-based and secure access across all platforms

Access Control

Enables easy deployment of attribute-based / privileged role-based access control (ABAC/RBAC)

2 Factor Authentication

Provides security controls with multi-factor authentication.

Data Governance

Get rid of identity data silos in legacy systems.

Data Policy Management

Centralized customer data policies

Identity Compliance

Be compliant with global privacy protection regulations like CCPA, GDPR, PIDEPA, HIPAA and others.

Actionable Insights

Get personalized customer journey analytics of customers across all channels and touch-points.

Easy Integration

Effortlessly integrates with existing enterprise software such as CRM, Business Intelligence and Marketing automation softwares.

CIAM Use Cases


An efficient CIAM technology will act as a central touchpoint between an organization and its customers across various channels and product lines. While it helps customers by providing a frictionless login process regardless of the device and services they are using, it also provides the organization with valuable insights for marketing and improving service delivery

  • Reduced Abandonment Rates
  • Identity Resolution
  • 360 Degree Customer Insights
  • Improved Digital Experience
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Makes Consent and Compliance Easy


Cloud-native CIAM solutions are highly secure and simple to use for IT teams in your organization. Being cloud-native, it’s easily scalable and allocates required resources on demand. Apart from using the most advanced technologies, we have ensured that our CIAM tools are compliant with global regulations for handling personal data.

Few common IT use cases for our CIAM solution includes:

  • Managing Customer Identities in Large Scale
  • Enabling Login from Social Networking Channels
  • Enterprise Level Security for Customer Data
  • User Authentication
  • Consent Lifecycle Management
  • Reduced Exposure to Threats



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