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Application and data modernization

Modernize existing enterprise applications and data by shifting them to Azure Cloud and achieve instant scalability and flexibility with cloud-native architecture, flexible data stores and in-built monitoring capabilities.


Nuvento’s expertise in shifting your legacy on-premise apps and data to the cloud accelerates your time-to-market, while reducing costs of development. Our full-stack expertise covers front-end, back-end, data intelligence and DevOps.


Azure’s set of cloud services lets enterprises face several business challenges and meet organizational goals. Enterprises can leverage our expertise to build, test and manage their applications on the cloud to help them overcome the legacy system challenges of security, compliance, skills and cost and modernize their applications.


We support the integration of new functionalities, web application modernization and architectural changes to the application and data.

Nuvento lets you realize the optimum performance of modernized applications on the cloud

Driving application transformation

Drawing a path for the transformation of workloads, applications, configurations, code changes, AI, development and database transformation to Azure.

Redesigning your applications to modernize business capabilities

We modernize your applications, so they let you focus on building valuable capabilities throughout your service lines. We redesign and plan your solutions to enhance business performance.

Accelerating innovation by building apps in the cloud

Leveraging best-in-class development tools and integrated DevOps we build your apps on the reliability and security of the Azure Cloud.

Journey to the cloud

Application and data modernization

Migration is the simplest and common approach to rehost or “lift and shift” your existing enterprise applications to the cloud. We replicate your in-house applications from your legacy environment to the cloud, ensuring business processes function as normal even after the migration.


Increase innovation and competitiveness by modernizing applications, related infrastructure and processes. Build truly modern applications by refactoring, rearchitecting and rebuilding, and realize value by identifying and innovating modern application patterns.


Develop a software solution to leverage cutting-edge technologies and achieve higher differentiation in the market. We use the SaaS, PaaS services to develop your services in time and within budgets.

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