Artificial Intelligence in Enterprise Applications

Nuvento uses the power of artificial intelligence to drive next-generation decision-making models. Our AI Competency center has developed in-house decision-making models and accelerators for Image Processing, Video Analytics, device integrated bots (Alexa, Echo et al), text and voice-based chatbots. Our focus is to enable a seamless context sensitive application that could provide a human like experience while ensuring that the errors from false positives are reduced.

How Enterprises can adopt AI to the core of organization?

Artificial Intelligence heavily depends on the quality of data, Until your organization manages its data in a structured, labeled and accessible manner, AI won’t be as effective as it could be. At Nuvento, we have vast experience and a team of experts in Business Intelligence, Enterprise Data Warehousing and Enterprise AI chatbot solutions which enable us to deliver highly customized AI solutions for businesses. 

Our AI Service Offerings

Chatbot Development Services

Nuvento builds industry-specific chatbots to connect with your customers. Real-time chatbots for almost all messaging platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Slack, etc. Integrate AI-enabled chatbots in your website, mobile app and other platforms to increase conversions and improve customer service. Automate your customer service function with Chatbots and save on huge investment/operational costs. Revolutionize interactions.

Optical Character Recognition

Enable Digital Transformation with Advanced OCR Technologies. Vertical Specific OCR solutions for Insurance and similar data-intensive industries. We enable instant Information search and Re-purpose employee time and resources. Enhance your workflows. Predict marketplace trends, customer behavior, reduce costs and improve customer service.

Image and Video Analytics

Nuvento provides accelerators for Image and Video Analytics. You can easily deploy in a cloud-based platform. Detect a lot many parameters which can include people, surroundings, gestures and many more. Image and Video data patterns are useful for BI and the insights derived are used for the Public Safety & Security. Improve Storage and Accessibility, Enable Remote Monitoring, Reduce Costs & Scale More Easily. Gain insights to take informed decisions.

Why Choose Us for Enterprise AI Solutions?

In-built Algorithms for AI services

12+ Years Experience

Image recognition, chatbot, video analytics algorithms

On-Time Delivery

24/7 Support

120+ Digital Experts