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A complete guide on hiring an offshore software development team

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Outsourcing your software development projects to an offshore team is today perceived as a strategic business decision to improve business profitability as opposed to what it was earlier, a low-cost alternative to in-house hiring. Outsourcing helps businesses reduce costs spent on full-time employment and lets businesses leverage specialist expertise for the required period of time to build their projects and thrive in the competitive business environment. 

As a business owner or a startup founder, you may receive advice from multiple fronts on the best approach to hiring. But in these trying times, we’ve gathered some insights on best practices businesses need to follow to keep development agile and cost-efficient. So, what are the best practices you can follow regarding hiring the right offshore development teams? 

Understanding your business needs an offshore software development team 

First things first, as a business owner or a manager there are certain clues you can observe in your in-house processes from which you need to understand that your business needs help. They are:  

  • In-house talent and needs don’t match 

Businesses very often encounter scenarios where they aren’t sure if they have the necessary technology support to deliver the best job on an important part of a project. This is a case of in-house skills and the needs not matching.  Hiring a full-time employee, in this case, would be a financial burden and unnecessary expense on your business. Outsourcing talent in such cases ensures you have specialist resources assisting you in aspects of the task your in-house team doesn’t have the expertise to do, within your budget 

  • Entrusted with tasks beyond your team’s support capacity  

Businesses sometimes have to accommodate more projects than what can be done comfortably on their own. To deliver those projects in time and win your customers’ trust, businesses can outsource parts of the work that cannot be done in-house. With an outsourced offshore software development team, you are enabled to provide services on a larger scale to more customers in short period of time and can maximize your revenue.  

  • Project is behind schedule 

When your project deadlines are fast-approaching and you’re behind schedule in completing them, you can outsource parts of it to an external team. Outsourcing tasks that would take you a lot of time to aoffshore team ensures the job gets done without you having to experience delays in delivering your project.  

  • Need specialist expertise for a project 

When certain tasks in a project need specialized expertise, you can outsource it to an agency with specialized resources in that niche. Getting help from a specialist would not only get the job done in time, it would enhance the value of the project.  

  • You’re scaling and feel you cannot meet customers’ needs  

When your business is scaling quickly and you feel you’ll not be able to meet customers’ needs with your existing talent, get some of that work outsourced.  An offshore development team can instantly add talent and extend your team’s capabilities letting you deliver on your customers’ needs.  

How does your business benefit from an offshore software development team? 

Understanding the benefits of offshoring is an important aspect of business decision-making. Broadly, they are: 

  • Control IT and labor costs 

Outsourcing your projects changes fixed IT costs into a variable cost and allows you to manage your IT budget effectively. You have to pay only for what you need. You can also save costs spent to train your staff, as your outsourced resources will enable your projects with the required expertise cost-efficiently.  

  • Improve your competitive edge and efficiency 

Growing IT businesses must make huge investments to build agile and competent IT centers that have specialists in multiple technologies working on their payroll. This is not always easy. Alternatively, your growing business can have a strong core team and build on it with competent outsourced offshore team, which not only improves your business’ competitive edge, but enables you to get the job done cost effectively. 

  •   Get on with your project faster 

An offshore development team will complement your in-house team with the right set of talent who can perfectly carry out the job at hand quickly. You’d no longer have to wait until you find a person or assess if they are fit for the job. You can find a skilled developer, and kickstart your project work within merely hours of hiring.  

  • More agility and flexibility in development 

Hiring agile offshore development teams who can easily adapt to changing business requirements and have the expertise to support further changes as the project progresses is a huge bonus for a business. Flexibility to add more experts and scale up and scale down according to requirements is one of the major benefits of hiring an offshore development team from an outsourcing company.  

  • Keep you focused on your core business 

Every one of your employees have their own set of challenges at work and tasks to deal with. Outsourcing the extra work gets the job done faster, as well as helps you and your employees stay focused on your core business without being distracted by complex decision-making processes and discussions.   

  • It levels the playing field 

Small companies often restrict themselves to their core activities, which affects their progress in the projects they’re working on. While small business can certainly not afford to match the in-house support that larger companies have, outsourcing is one way they can pull off such tasks.  

Finding the best offshore development team 

Asia is one of the biggest outsourcing markets due to the high availability of skilled talent, high quality IT solutions and very low project costs. A Statista reports has stated that India is one of the highly cost-effective destinations to outsource software projects. India’s thriving technology culture combined with a talented software development pool makes it one of the largest outsourcing hubs in the world.  

While other European and western countries provide outsourcing services, their costs are comparatively way higher. This is one of the reasons most businesses outsource their software development projects to India.  

What you should know before hiring an offshore software development team 

23% of startups don’t make it big because they chose the wrong teams. This means, one in every four startups fails because of the wrong choice in people, which puts importance on why your business the right people working for you.  

Businesses succeed when choices are made wisely, and they’re convinced of where they are and what they have to achieve. Choosing the right offshore software development team, with the right mix of talent, is the first step towards winning. But how do you know what makes the right mix of talent 

Here we have listed some of the key areas you need to keep in mind before outsourcing your development project to an offshore team or partnering with a startup IT solutions provider.  

  • Have a technology expert to help you with hiring

When hiring a technology team, it would help to have an experienced technology expert from your side evaluate the team you are hiring. This way you’re sure your project is in safe hands when you’ve made a choice.  

  • Have your requirements in a note 

 You have to first make a note of your requirements, clearly defining which aspects of a project you need help with. And use this match your requirements with the right talent. 

  •   Budget check 

Skills and expertise matter, and so does the budget. Outsourcing costs depend on location, experience, expertise, and so on. Choose the right talent to match your project requirements and budget.  

  • Check their work profile 

The most tried and tested way of evaluating a team’s work is by getting feedback from the current and previous clients. Learn about projects the offshore team has completed that are similar to your requirement, and ask them how the team went about the process and managed roadblocks during development.  

  • Support and maintenance 

 Launching a project is the first step in realizing project success. Support and maintenance to ensure your systems are working as expected is the second and most important part to remain successful in the business. Ensure your software framework is regularly updated to the latest versions for optimal performance and to make sure your project never loses its value.  


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