Artificial Intelligence for financial planning

AI has already disrupted the ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) industry!

Discover How Nuvento Artificial Intelligence can help Investment Planning.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is quite disruptive in nature and will automate many processes which would make complex planning, development and implementation easier and faster across many industries especially in Finance and Investment. Nuvento AI is capable of collecting huge stacks of data and make intelligent investment predictions based on past customer investment behavior and combining it with future trends in investment. An ideal combination of traditional risk-free investment along with latest high-risk high-yield investment maybe what future investors are looking for.

How AI can change investment advisory services?

Financial Advisory firms invest a lot in technology to meet higher and everchanging expectations of customers. Customers are on the lookout for expert tech-driven solutions and immediacy is a critical factor. Nuvento’s AI consulting can help considerably in minimizing the cost of servicing the client with faster deployment of AI chatbots to service scenarios. AI can access real and relevant customer data and offer immediate, intelligent advisory services based on customer preference. AI can help advisory firms to effectively serve more clients at a lesser transactional cost while contributing to increased margins.

AI has already disrupted the ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) industry!

AI technology-based investment platforms are known to precisely process volatile market data and identify investing opportunities. AI can positively impact investment planning and take your investors far ahead compared to traditional portfolio management services. AI gives positive clues on what to trade, when to trade, how to trade and where to trade; it also provides information about portfolio risk based on observed market signals. AI is capable of processing millions of market signals, news articles, social media posts to produce many hypothetical test portfolios. These are broken down to arrive at daily trade recommendations.
“A lot of the disruptive opportunity will come as a result of 5G taking shape globally,” Chris Hempstead, head of ETF Sales at Deutsche Bank.

We see massive amount of data everywhere. We are going to need more AI!

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