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Artificial Intelligence in Autonomous Devices!

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What will happen when machines take over humans? Artificial Intelligence in Autonomous Devices!

It has always been a good debate topic: when Artificial Intelligence (AI) reaches to a level where intelligent machines take over Human brains, what will happen to humanity. Human brains get taxed due to stressing for mundane tasks, when machines control routine tasks AI wins. Simulation of human intelligence processes by computers is called AI and it has far reaching impact in robotics arena mainly. How far AI revolutionizes in the fields of automating surgeries, AI mutual funds, autonomous cars, innovative apparel technologies, Retail technologies is what matters in the future.

Nuvento AI-innovative and self-evolving prophecy.

Smart technology is self-evolving, question is how much of this should be human driven vs AI driven? AI in autonomous devices wins over when intelligent devices start to act like the user with limited inputs. Users start trusting intelligent devices when the reliability is maximum, which should be the goal of each innovative tech brand. Nuvento is continuously looking at challenges and opportunities in the global tech space. Nuvento Smart tech platforms powered by AI, BigData and ML may use data collected from the IoT to enhance improved decision-making and create higher quality products and services.

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence:

It was demonstrated that computer programs can score 150 on IQ test compared to the maximum human IQ of 200; and is even becoming better as chip technology advances. Tactile Internet for automation is the next buzzword in IoT arena. Humans and machines are interacting with their environment by making use of touch, visual and audio feedback over high speed network connections.

Smarter platforms powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), and increasingly using Big Data and Machine Learning are expected to use the data collected from the Internet of Things (IoT), to enable improved decision-making and deliver higher quality products and services. IoT is already making waves of change in daily life with health tracking devices and intelligent devices which track everything in our home and office; this has huge impact in security surveillance technology. The more and more connected our devices are the more and more simple daily life would be.

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