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AWS: Compute, Storage and Managed Services for Beginners

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AWS: Compute, Storage and Managed Services for Beginners

Amazon Web Services or AWS is the most adopted cloud platform used in the world. It offers more than 200 featured services ranging from infrastructure technologies like computing, storage, and databases to cutting-edge technology like machine learning, AI, IoT, analytics, and data lakes that help businesses to innovate faster and become agile. AWS provides on-demand delivery of services to build and through the internet with pay-as-you-go pricing. You can use the right set of tools to build or run any type of application without any upfront costs. This blog is an AWS basics guide to help beginners understand what AWS managed service is and the various services offered by AWS.

So, let’s begin with why choose AWS.

Why move to AWS?

AWS is the most popular cloud managed service provider and has the highest market share. Many factors contribute to this popularity.

1. Ease of use

AWS is designed to help new users to use services and host applications easily. They provide a lot of training material and documentation on the site making it easier for customers to learn. The large AWS partner network consists of well-experienced firms like Nuvento making it easier to access experts.

2. Cost-effectiveness

The affordable and economical cloud solutions without any long-term contracts make AWS a very accessible cloud provider. The pay-as-you-go pricing model and auto-scaling options let businesses use a wide range of services based on their needs.

3. Adaptability

AWS makes it easier for businesses to adapt to changing needs are requirements. AWS also allows businesses to create a virtual environment with services and software that they need. This is an important advantage for businesses on the cloud for the first time.

4. Security

With strategically located data centers around the world that are continuously monitored and maintained, AWS is one of the most secure and reliable cloud providers. It follows international compliance regulations and data security laws and takes end-to-end security measures on physical, operational, and software levels which helps combat external attacks immediately and efficiently.

5. High performance

AWS has a commitment to innovation and helps businesses seamlessly migrate to AWS with cost-effective migration services. In addition to the high level of security and a global network of data centers, AWS is reliable because the storage and computing can be easily scaled. The auto-scaling and elastic load-balancing tools help businesses scale easily based on requirements.

Let’s look at the most popular tools and services from AWS that makes it the most preferred cloud in the market.

AWS Compute services

AWS provides broad compute service offerings and functionalities that allow businesses to develop, deploy, run and scale applications and workloads on a pay-as-you-go basis.

  • AWS EC2

EC2 provides scalable computing capacity on the cloud that can scale up or down based on the needs.

  • Amazon Elastic Beanstalk

It helps to deploy and scale applications on the cloud. EBS helps handles the deployment of code and do capacity provisioning, load balancing, autoscaling, and application health monitoring.

  • Amazon Lightsail

Easily launch and manage a virtual private server (VPS) with Amazon Lightsail when you need VMs to quickly start projects.

  • Amazon Lambda

Go serverless and pay only for the computing time with Amazon Lambda. Execute code only when necessary or use only the required resources and scale automatically when required.

AWS Managed Storage Services

AWS offers a wide range of storage services such as block storage, file storage, object storage, and many long-term storage options that you can choose from based on your use case requirements.

  • Amazon S3

Durable, flexible, and secure object storage that can store and retrieve data from anywhere.

  • Amazon Glacier

Low-cost, long-term storage solutions for archiving and backing up data.

  • Amazon EBS

Elastic block storage is a reliable block storage volume that can be attached to any running instance in the same availability zone.

  • Amazon Elastic File System

It offers a simple interface that lets users easily create and configure file systems. This elastic file storage can be used with AWS cloud services and on-premises resources.

AWS Databases services

AWS provides over 15 purpose-built databases, including relational, key-value, document, in-memory, graph, time-series, and ledger databases that are faster than their alternatives.

  • Amazon RDS

Set up, operate, and scale a relational database on the cloud easily with Amazon RDS. It allows users to focus on application development by assisting in activities like hardware provisioning, database setup, and backup. Amazon RDS is resizable, cost-effective, and optimized for performance and I/O. It allows you to automate time-consuming tasks.

  • Amazon Redshift

A fully managed data warehouse that allows users to analyze data using SQL and BI tools. Amazon Redshift also allows querying and analytics on structured data. It is cost-effective and provides high-speed output.

AWS Managed Services

Moving to the cloud is a culture change and will affect how businesses work. You need to monitor, maintain, and manage the tools, services, and your cloud environment continuously to ensure that you get the most out of the cloud. You need to adapt to changes, keep your cost and resource usage in check, and ensure that the cloud delivers the business value it promises. With AWS Managed services you can manage your resources, compute, storage, and bandwidth to optimize your AWS environment. The different types of AWS Managed services help to implement best practices to maintain your AWS infrastructure reducing your operational overheads and risks.

The AWS managed services or AMS include full life cycle services such as provisioning, running, and supporting your cloud infrastructure. From automating common activities like change management, patch management, backup, and security to developing solutions and applications, AMS provides the full-scale support that your IT services require 24×7 throughout the year.

AWS Managed Services from Nuvento

AWS Managed Services partners like Nuvento are experts who provide services and solutions that help businesses manage their AWS ecosystem by taking care of various aspects such as security, compliance, incident detection, cost optimization, and automation so that businesses can focus on strategic operations.

The scope of our cloud-managed services for AWS starts with AWS migration services which include on-premises to-cloud or cloud-to-cloud migration.  Once you are on AWS, our services include administration, and troubleshooting, monitoring, performance optimization, compliance, cybersecurity, and innovation.