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Kickstart Your Cloud Voyage – Benefits of Moving to the Cloud.

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There are manifold Possibilities of Cloud Computing. You are posting a tweet or updating your Facebook status, checking your bank account or sending e-mails to peers. You are in the cloud while doing all these, that much is the influence of Cloud Computing in our daily lives!

Forget the past when your business used to spend majorly on maintaining on-premise servers and upgrading them. You used to crash your IT budget and conveniently forget in investing in marketing and other functions which are critical for your business growth in the long run. Cloud computing services can help you alleviate all these money hassles. It is based on a subscription model or simply put, Pay-as-You-go Service.

Yes, you heard it right! Nuvento Cloud computing packs more punch compared to your traditional on-premise systems. Don’t feel left-out amongst your competitors, the cloud gives you access to enterprise-class technology at rock bottom prices! Businesses are rallying to be part of the bigger and better Cloud Universe, so make your move now before it is too late! Before you say “Just don’t leave me alone” you can be part of that futuristic and highly promising Cloud Computing sphere.

What are your business Enigmas? It can be these

Is my Data Safe and Secure?

You don’t have to worry about lost data from a stolen laptop, Nuvento cloud securely stores your critical data and you can retrieve it from any device, anytime. You don’t have to shed a lot of dollars on maintaining internal servers, cloud infrastructures are more secure. Cloud based systems have demonstrated world-class security best practices which are monitored and implemented by experts. Automatic software updates are rolled out on a regular basis and you seldom waste time on all these maintenances.

How far Cloud increases flexibility & efficiency?

Cloud allows your business to grow and scale up based on market demands. Cloud is not rigid, based on your business needs cloud capacity can be scaled up and down easily. Flexibility is an inherent quality of Cloud Computing. Your operational agility is substantially enhanced, and businesses continually adopt Cloud for this reason. There is rarely any lock-in period when it comes to cloud computing, unlike on-premise servers which would want you to purchase long-term licences and additional investment on hardware. So, you are at an advantage with Cloud migration services on a hardware and software level efficiency.

Few other Benefits of Moving to the Cloud

Cloud enhances employee productivity by encouraging Telecommute

Cloud enables your workforce to work from anywhere they wish. With the most modern apps provided by cloud computing services, your employees are not ever restricted by device limitations. Telecommuting or Telework has tremendous benefits including increased productivity, reduced operational costs, and improved work-life balance.

Many progressive businesses are encouraging telecommute to save on costs and improve workforce morale. Cloud service providers contribute heavily to this progressive work culture phenomenon by giving your workforce the freedom to work from anywhere they wish at any time.

Cloud Computing ensures greater control over your documents and data

Hit your productivity goals by allowing the cloud to better exercise control over your data and documents. For projects involving a larger team, conflicts are quite common when it comes to online document collaboration.

Earlier, your workforce used to create documents and files and send it across to peers as email attachments for further actions. This is time consuming and takes a hit on your overall business productivity. On the other hand, the cloud allows impermeable document control. Your workforce continues to work on documents and collaborate online using cloud-based workflow and advanced file sharing apps, without any conflicts.

The larger the team, greater would be the need for better control on your documents and data. The scope of complication manifolds when small businesses operate on a global purview. Moving applications to the cloud ensures your documents are stored centrally and is visible to the team who operate from places around the globe to act upon. This increases task productivity by ensuring smoother collaboration.

Cloud enables intelligent disaster recovery

Cloud enables the recovery of critical technology infrastructure and systems which could have been damaged by a natural or human induced disaster. Smaller businesses are increasingly implementing cloud-based backup and recovery solutions which considerably saves time and avoid huge up-front investments. Your documents stay safe over the cloud and can be accessed from any other device in the case of a tech disaster.

Microsoft Azure Cloud makes it possible for small businesses to continuously innovate and turn futuristic ideas into solutions.

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