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Business Intelligence – The power of the human emotion – Part 2

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**Author: Suraj Arukil**

In continuation with my thoughts from my last week’s blog

 Emergence of Mobile Data Presentation 

2011 saw the emergence of tablet and sleek computing devices. Last year also saw iPhone being relegated to number two by Samsung Galaxy in many markets across the globe. This trend shows the shifting focus from the very loyal following each of the market segments – whether it is Android or Apple iOS has been commanding over the years. With millions of apps and extensive graphical capabilities, the mobile device is now the biggest source of information for the constantly travelling executive.

2012 will see a consolidation of the mobile based BI offerings. Large enterprise organizations will now provide more BI capabilities on the mobile device apart from just being report utilization device.

Power of Data and hunger for information will see an immense growth

Companies all over the world are becoming data hungry and this trend is expected to grow in the years to come. The changing economic scenarios will need different business models and this in turn will result in a need for different decision-making strategies.

Successful companies today have high investment in analytical models and have reduced thresholds for big scale IT investments that provide them little or no results. Gartner in its study “BI Adoption Trends” indicates that organizations that have business leadership in Business Intelligence has a high adoption of BI. The trend, thus in 2012 will be a change from the traditional reporting by IT from the data generation system to a more collaborative information management system that provides the business users with the power to change decisions based on data.

The trends in 2012 will thus focus on the elusive, faceless customer. The customer who was till now un-reachable will now become increasingly collaborative, sometimes appreciative and at times plain abusive. But his/her power will increase with these interactions and organizations will have to address this thirst for satisfaction, these technologies and business models.

I think that will drive my blogs for the next few years atleast!

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