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COVID-19 impact on software development: dedicated teams and productivity 

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COVID 19 has had a profound impact on businesses, affecting the global demand for IT products and services, including outsourced software development. It has impaired the ability to manage everyday service delivery, creating massive revenue losses, forcing businesses to adopt disruptive working practices, like remote working, to keep operations running. However, a sudden shift to a new normal does not come without challenges. 

 COVID 19 effect on the IT sector 

 IT business have had to deal with: 

Decreasing productivity and performances

The productivity of individuals and groups within the team have been affected. Most productivity issues are because it is difficult to do specific jobs remotely, and for the ones that can be done, there are the data-related and network-related challenges. In such cases, employees cannot utilize the work from home facility, forcing companies to waive them off, drastically reducing production. These challenges have affected productivity and performance.  

 Office closures 

COVID 19 has forced nations to shut down office facilities. This has left employees with no choice but to work from home to keep themselves safe. Some governments have imposed long closure periods, so employees do not feel pressured to travel back to work during this crisis.  

 Slowing cash inflow for SMEs 

SMEs have felt the burn with COVID 19. Their cash flows have thinned, putting tremendous pressure on them and affecting working capital. SMEs need to scramble for finances, as for some, it is a matter of survival.   

 Loss of businesses due to the impact on client’s businesses

IT organizations serving clients in heavily impacted sectors have seen their projects and activities from those clients dwindle. With COVID 19 weighing heavily on industries like tourism, travel, hospitality, and related industries, the IT investments from these sectors have taken a hit.  

 Remote work does not work 

While most IT businesses are moving to remote work, some companies are not ready to move to a purely remote model yet. The reasons being the inability to collaborate and lack of understanding of tech systems and how it applies to their particular role.  

How software development outsourcing could help businesses survive the tough times 

The crisis calls for IT businesses to devise extraordinary measures to help their clients and customers. The rules should also help the company get through the tough times and negate the impact COVID 19 has on the IT sector.  

  • One of the significant opportunities IT businesses see booming is a growing number of outsourcing contracts due to its budget-friendliness and effectiveness. In a COVID 19 world, outsourcing software development seems to be an effective way to help businesses through these tough times. The same stands true for companies, who have a dream project but cannot have on their payroll resources qualified to do the job. Hiring an outsourced development team helps you get the job done without hurting your business’ finances. 
  • COVID 19 has pushed global economies to a prolonged economic downturn, compelling them to adopt a strict budget with no option for discretionary spending. This crisis underscores the need for flexible and resilient working models. Outsourcing IT development allows businesses to focus on their core business activities, with companies perceiving them as “strategic partners” instead of “developers on hire” as they once were.
  • Today, outsourcing teams lay more emphasis on cybersecurity to enhance customer experience around the safety and integrity of their software projects. This is important for the business model because product quality supersedes cost reduction as the primary driving factor for companies who decide to outsource projects.
  • Outsourcing software development also means that your in-house resources can focus on your business’ core aspects and entrust the outsourced team with maintenance and support activities. Remote teams can provide support services like bug fixes and timely updates, leading to a drastic reduction in downtime, thus preventing revenue loss.  
  • If SMEs and start-ups were thinking outsourcing is most suited for large enterprises, they need to reconsider. When the entire world is battling COVID 19, small businesses and start-ups must foray into outsourcing to leverage the benefits of incubating without bearing the cost of relocating teams. With the current crisis making steady cash flow difficult, small businesses and start-ups must consider outsourcing’s long-term economic viability.  

Finding the right outsourcing partner for your business’ productivity 

 Nuvento’s dedicated team models help business lower their expenses on full-time employment and lets businesses leverage specialist expertise for the required period to build projects and thrive in a competitive and challenging business environment.  

 With Nuvento’s software development team, businesses can control IT and labor costs, improve competitive edge and efficiency, get work done quickly and efficiently. It also helps to bring in more agility and flexibility in development, help you stay focused on your core business and levels the playing field.  

 We work with you in three models: 

  • Full-service dedicated teams: Nuvento’s full-service dedicated teams will support you in the end-to-end delivery of your project. You can leverage the team’s expertise for your development, testing, managed IT service, or any other end-to-end requirement and fully control the team’s activities. 
  • On-demand dedicated teams: Our on-demand dedicated team works on your on and off requirements where you need skilled experts to collaborate on the project. Our expert talent pool will build on your core team’s projects with our specific expertise for your business to achieve the desired result from the project. 
  • Maintenance dedicated teams: Nuvento’s maintenance dedicated teams provide continuous maintenance support to meet the evolving efficiency requirements of your product or service to enhance the end-user experience. 

And we operate in three models: 

  1. On-site development: Our on-site dedicated support teams will work from your location, using infrastructure provided by you and will directly report to you or the in-house project manager from day one. 
  2. Off-site development: Our off-site dedicated support teams will work from our offices in your location and visit your facility as required. 
  3. Offshore development: Our dedicated offshore teams will support your project from our offshore locations no matter where you are. 

 Nuvento’s dedicated development teams are all set to support businesses large or small through this crisis with our deep expertise earned over the years in technology. To learn more about how we can help you with your specific requirement, get in touch with us.