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Employees’ safety is the number one priority for Nuvento

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COVID 19 cases are on the rise and scientists are rushing to develop a vaccine for the pandemic that has already claimed over 600,000 lives. Though restricted lockdowns aimed at controlling the spread are in place now, the numbers are still growing exponentially every day. In the light of these situations, organizations like Twitter and Square have declared work from home forever options for their employees. Facebook has extended its work from home plans for the foreseeable future, though not indefinitely.   

Nuvento’s onshore and offshore teams have been working from home ever since lockdowns were declared in the US and India mid-March. Three months in, during May, most restrictions were lifted, and organizations were allowed to resume operations with a set percentage of staff working from offices. However, Nuvento’s cognizance of the situation and our people-first approach urged us to continue working from home for the well-being of our employees and their families. It’s a rather difficult time for businesses globally, and several enterprises have taken a hit. However, we’re focused on doing what’s best for our employees in this time of crisis, because their safety is our number one priority.   

We’ve focused efforts on boosting employee morale and excitement to do their best work with creative activities that pique their interest. With contests and leadership workshops, we aim to keep the energy of our interactions positive, where everyone learns, is motivated, and contributes positively to the team.  We’ve also launched a “Superhero of the Month” award with a nomination and voting system to recognize natural leaders within the team who create an impression and motivate team members. We regularly have team catch-upto share lighter moments of the day, experiences on working with kids at home, share funny moments and more, because we realize the importance of bonding among team members to feel like family and work together towards a common goal. This camaraderie helps to establish trust among the employees and respect for the organization, whicresults in mutual trust and professional integrity.  

Above everything, we foster the spirit of caring for one another and looking out for each other. This is what, we think, will take us forward during these tough times and be our legacy – Nuvento, an organization that stands together and has its heart at the right place.