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Business is as usual at Nuvento amid the COVID 19 outbreak

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Nuvento’s India delivery centers are located in the southern state of Kerala.

Kerala & the COVID 19 outbreak 

Even as the world and most parts of India battle against coronavirus, offshore business centers in Kerala have kept businesses up. When the first case of coronavirus came up in early February, the health department sprang into action and was swift to restore the three affected people to health.

Now, for the second time, Kerala is leading the charge. The Kerala state government has launched a “Break the chain” campaign to throw light on the importance of personal hygiene to prevent the spread of the virus. With helpline numbers, daily press conferences to answer people’s queries, focus on mental health, caution to people spreading fake news, new means to make masks and sanitizers available to its citizens and restrictions on mass gatherings, the government has been successful in containing fear about the virus and the virus itself.

Offshore center management teams of IT and BPO companies in Kerala have been directed to reach out to employees and set up plans of action to deal with the crisis. The government has asked them to conduct health check-ups and status surveys of employees, elevate sanitization efforts and monitor situations globally to review status and take immediate actions. The state government has even issued guidelines and standard operating protocols to maintain a healthy IT park and continued business activities.

Some companies are ensuring business continuity by depending more on remote collaboration tools. The department of telecommunications has also relaxed its restriction on connecting virtual private networks to home IT infrastructure, and an increase of internet connectivity of 30% to 40% to allow people to work smoothly from home has also been announced by the state government.

Nuvento ensuring business as usual

We are in unprecedented times. With the ongoing spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) and the incredible speed at which it is spreading around us, we have quickly adapted our operations and business. Our frontline efforts right now are to aggressively mitigate the potential for exposure and further spread.

Employees across the US, Canada and the Middle East have been instructed to work remote and avoid travel because social distancing works. It is our best chance to ‘flatten the curve’ and mitigate the chance of rapid spread, so we can respond to this public health emergency in an even more focused manner. However, thanks to Kerala that most of our employees in India still make it to office everyday to ensure business continuity for our clients. It is the Kerala state government’s farsightedness that has enabled us to get on with business continuity processes. It has proved vital for critical projects that we support.

With almost 75% of Nuvento’s business coming from supporting North America businesses through our offshore center in Kerala, our agility and preparedness have enabled us to continue the business, in an unconventional yet effective way. We have been successful in providing support to our clients in banking, insurance and health care in a time of crisis. And our clients are going a long way in running the show to support people and processes during the COVID 19 outbreak.

That’s teamwork and that’s how we will be able to curb the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus). By standing together and being there for one another in times of need!