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How Chatbots Make a Customer 10x Happier?

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Ema was recently involved in a car accident. Her vehicle lost a mirror, and she had to get it fixed. She contacted her insurance service provider to notify them of the loss.   

Despite being on call hold for a while, she was not getting connected to customer service.  

While on hold, the standby tone notified her of a new customer service chatbot offering for customer support.  

Though initially hesitant, she gave the chatbot a try. Ema then raised the complaint via the chatbot.  

Almost immediately her complaint is registered and she’s issued an acknowledgment number. No more waiting on call and Ema gets on with life.  


The scenario could’ve been entirely different.  

Just to put matters into perspective, what if Ema was reluctant to use the customer service chatbot? 

She would have to wait to get connected to a human agent. 

She would be angry about not being able to register her complaint right away.  

Wasting time and effort, it would have made a bad situation for Ema worse. 

Chatbots are amazing … 


This is just one among the multitude of scenarios where a customer support chatbot development service benefits a company and comes in to save a brand’s face. 

 And, this is also why enterprises must focus on improving customers’ experience with chatbots.  

 From a business perspective, deploying an user experience-enhancing chatbot for customer service can be one of the best tools to connect with your audience.  

 Also, recent technological advancements have raised the bar of customer expectations, and humans are no longer patient about solutions delivery, forcing businesses to look for quick and efficient solutions like chatbots. Research into customer behavior trends to show a growing inclination toward customer service chatbots because they’re quick to address issues raised and can solve issues faster. Some note-worthy customer service chatbot statistics are

  1. 85% of customer interactions in 2020 are being handled by chatbots. 
  2. 80% of quick answers to routine questions has helped businesses save on customer service costs. 
  3. 40% of people don’t care whether a chatbot or a human is helping as long as they get the help they need. 


… because they get the job done … 

 There are broadly two types of customer service chatbots available in the market.  

 There are simple chatbots programmed to give specific answers to queries, and there are smarter AI-enabled chabots that tap into the enterprise’s CMS and CRM systems and use NLP capabilities to deliver a more personalized experience to customers. 

 … and they do it well. 

 The customer service chatbot benefits are: 


  • They deliver seamless live chat 

 Interacting with a chatbot is simple.  

 Customers can engage with as they would engage with a human chat support agent.  

 Since most chatbots are equipped with NLP capabilities, chatbots will analyze customer communication and deliver an appropriate response.  

  •  24/7, 365 days customer support 

 Your chatbot is up and running the whole time. 

 So, your customers get answers to their queries. Be it business hours or out-of-business hours. 

  •  Instant responses, every time  

 Chatbots handle dull and repetitive questions your customers have – and they can do it with the same vigor every time.  

  •  Provide information for quicker decision-making 

 Chatbots can even ease the purchase journey for customers by providing more information on the products or services that the customer is looking for.  

 They can provide recommendations for items to purchase, ask the user about purchase and shipping information and help in faster decision making.  

  • Resolve issues with ease 

 People dread contacting customer support centers, the process is just painful.  

 Chatbots are a welcome change in this context.  

 And it has resulted in a win-win scenario – faster issue resolution for the customer, done in a cost-effective way by the business owner.   

  •  Welcome replacement to IVR 

 When contacting customer support centers for help, the interactive voice systems (IVR) take customers to a pre-programmed destination, which causes a lot of frustration for the customer.   

Here, chatbots are a welcome change because they not only make customers feel heard but also redirect to an appropriate response based on previous chats or to a human representative. 

  •  Give a personal touch 

 We can program chatbots to talk to customers that way we’d want them to.  

 And they can help your customers with all their account-related, sales-related and delivery-related information.  

 If your chatbot is easy to talk to and gets the job done, customers will keep coming back to interact with your brand.  

  •  Better than forms 

  Chatbots can reinvent the way your customers fill their forms.  

  They can interact more actively with customers and indulge them in a conversation while filling out the details you’d have on a form, reducing the friction and engaging the customers during the process.  

  These benefits sound great. But the fact remains that enterprises will be able to realize them fully only if they invest in an AI-enabled NLP chatbot.   

Invest in building a customer service chatbot solution that makes conversations as human as possible 

  What’s an NLP chatbot? 

Basic drag-and-drop model chatbots give responses.  

But they’re mechanical responses.  

 They do not bring in the emotional connection customers need to feel with your brand. Clumsy conversations are intolerable and a reason customers may not come back to you.  

 To ensure this does not happen, you need an NLP chatbot. NLP chatbots are natural language processing chatbot that can understand the user’s intent irrespective of clarity in their communication and carry the conversation forward.  

 NLP chatbots give your customers an easier-to-use interface on which they can raise their questions about the features and services they need.  

 Natural language processing is based on deep learning that enables computers to understand user intent from inputs given by the user and Nuvento is specialized in building them for enterprises.  

 But do NLP chatbots mean there’s no human intervention involved? 


 Chatbots would handle the first level of queries, freeing up humans to manage complex queries. Humans would also train the chatbots by feeding data into their systems, improving their efficiency and enabling them to handle complex queries.  


“But, my customers want to talk to people” 

 If your existing crew can handle the customer service requests without keeping customers waiting, then you wouldn’t have a problem.  

 But, if your customers are talking to a blank screen and having to wait for responses, then you are most likely in for a lot of problems.  

 Starting from losing customer trust. 

 Live chats are a powerful customer service medium. But, human resources drive them and they have their limitations. Which is where chatbots come in as effective.  


  1. They can operate without human supervision 
  2. They can accomplish several tasks at a time 
  3. They can respond faster 
  4. They are easy to use 
  5. They are always available 
  6. And, they are cost-effective 

 The availability of quick customer service goes a long way in customer retention. A study by Entrepreneur found that 68% of customers left businesses because of poor customer service.   


Customer support chatbot use case benefits


Bridge the chatbot-human gap for success 

Customers expect a seamless experience from chatbots.  

 So, to deliver it, enterprises must ensure there are no gaps in information exchange from chatbot to human agent.  

 Customers hate repeating answers they already provided. So, to get the most from deploying a chatbot, enterprises must address potential areas of disconnect and build a solution to bridge the gap and deliver a seamless experience.  


Building a chatbot for your business 

 For growing enterprises, chatbots can be an efficient tool to connect with customers and build trust.  

 But, you need the right partner who understands what your business needs and build a bot that fits perfectly with your brand.  

 Nuvento’s deep expertise in building AI-enabled enterprise chatbots can be a great way to build a chatbot that best represents your brand. 

 So, do you want a chatbot as your customer service ninja?