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How Marketing Is Geared Up To Meet Future Challenges Using Chatbots?

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Marketing Challenges are different for different Industries. You would find yourself in deep trouble if the right technology is not chosen to solve your critical marketing challenges. Generating revenue can be easy if the appropriate technology serves as your automation tool. Introduction of Artificial Intelligence in the marketing automation industry which is valued at $1.65 billion, has seen tremendous waves of change across many associated industries. AI-enabled Chatbots which is the talk of the town cannot be taken lightly. Most of our Sales and Marketing communications would be between humans and AI by 2022. Ad pop-ups are mostly seen as intruders in websites which distract the user and create frustrations. Imitating human conversation and introducing products pre-emptively can be done by Nuvento AI chatbots without seeming like intrusions. Chatbots for websites can be a prominent tool towards cross-selling your products and services and collecting information. 

Traditional Marketing Vs CRM/Marketing Automation

Traditional Marketing revolves mainly around the print or digital adverts in a magazine or other medium. The target is anyone who comes across that attractive advert. This is useful for retaining as well as attracting new users. An advert designed by a Marketing Automation tool connected to a CRM target on niches based on many criteria including purchase behaviour analysis, and demographics. A fine-tuned CRM ad targets a new/existing user who needs some level of service, mainly based on past experiences. Marketing automation helps ROI calculation easy based on each interaction.

Omnichannel User Experiences delivered by AI Chatbots

Chatbot development, especially for data-intensive industries like Insurance, can have far-reaching impacts. The main challenges faced by Insurance brands are longer Turn Around Time (TAT) and complex transactions which can be reduced by deploying Nuvento AI Chatbots. Speed and ease of use across all online channels are the key factors to attract new customers and marketing is always under pressure in order to automate and innovate. A chatbot is an interesting channel for engaging your customer, it delivers intuitive customer experiences, close-to-human conversations and truly automated digital experiences seamlessly across many digital channels.

Conversational Process Automation Solutions and Marketing

Massive amounts of data flow from contact centres via Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool to help marketing to develop future strategies based on user preferences and to deliver Realtime customer experiences. Chatbots can help internal teams to develop close sync by collaboration and smooth flow of information. This always helps Marketing teams to develop innovative products based on user recommendations and offer them to users at the right time at the right place. Conversational Process Automation is the future of Marketing. AI-powered solutions allow marketing to develop products based on the volume of inbound product recommendations which are routed via service queries. This, in turn, can revolutionize customer service call centres as revenue generators in terms of product development as against the traditional concept of call centres being focused only on solving customer queries.

Inbound marketing tactics made easy with Chatbots

Chatbot development services can help you drive more traffic to your marketing website, convert more qualified leads, and close more deals with your inbound marketing strategy. One Scenario:

Traditional Marketing Workflow: Visitor -> Form->Email->CRM->Qualified->Call. Conversion TAT (weeks to months)

Conversational Marketing Workflow after deploying Chatbots: Visitor-> Qualify (Bot verifies visitors and qualifies leads 24/7)-> Continuous Conversations to build customer loyalty and repeat sales/references. Conversion TAT (Minutes)

Chatbot Business blooms in typical scenarios like this where brands deploy AI to help navigate visitors directly to the specific section of the webpage which is relevant to the visitor, and this results in faster conversion. Industry Leaders in webpage development are increasingly deploying chatbots to convert casual site visitors to qualified leads. A change as minute as a catchy welcome message pop up can result in huge increases in conversion. The message which delivers a competitive advantage to the buyer in terms of pricing or product/service scalability can bring out a positive impact. Chatbots developed by prominent chatbot development companies are well known to improve organic website traffic via facebook conversation interactions, chat blasts, and chatbot drip campaigns.

RPA, Robotic Process Automation Companies are busting some Marketing Myths

RPA Software Market is expected to grow by 41% every year through 2022. Gartner predicts that 60% of businesses with greater than $1 billion revenue will own RPA at the pilot or deployment stage. Source: Gartner’s recent report, Forecast Snapshot: Robotic Process Automation, Worldwide 2018. 

Few Myths:

  • Bots are expensive to deploy.
  • Bots cannot be compared to human agents.


Chatbot SaaS providers are coming up with innovative bots in robotics and automation arena to make the tasks easier for Marketers. Process automation solutions considerably improve efficiencies, minimizes human errors and operational costs. Benefits include humans focusing on high-value tasks, RPA works 24/7, and relatively lower training and re-training costs.

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