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How to Skilfully Automate a Business Process

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How to Skilfully Automate a Business Process – On a Technical Perspective


Business Process Automation is all about eliminating complexities involved in Business. This is particularly relevant for Businesses like Telecommunications which has wide scope to diversify. Challenges in terms of network capacity, scalability, innovation mindset, cost-effective services open up newer opportunities for Business Process Automation Companies.

Few of the main challenges faced are as follows:

  •       Establishing the affordability Factor

Making telecom services as cheap and affordable to the general public is the key challenge faced by major telecos. Business process automation (BPA) can considerably contribute to this goal.

  •       Improving Reach in terms of Network and Product Distribution

Most of the times network providers are unable to handle congestion, especially in bad weather. Mobile network boosters would eliminate this challenge to some extent, however, advancements in the field of broadband and wireless technology and associated trades are one key area of focus in 2019. Similarly striking a balance between supply and demand of telecom products/services is another area which needs tremendous thought process. BPA can identify these pain points and suggest localised software solutions which would automate workflows to telecom distribution channels.

  •       Enhancing Brand Visibility amidst tough competition

Numerous brands compete for brand visibility in this digital era. Business process automation solutions can take away the workload in this aspect with newer and better User Interfaces which would increase brand visibility. Brands talk to customers the way they want via Chatbots and virtual assistants. Leading telecos are implementing advanced UI interfaces and mobile apps which would eliminate longer queues in call centres and other customer interface channels.

  •       Keeping costs under control

BPA is one area where telecos should invest to keep costs under control. Lower operating costs is directly proportional to higher ROI. Repetitive tasks can be easily automated by implementing advanced CRM solutions which would automate almost functions of telecom business.

  •      Technology Advancements

Telecom is no more a saturated market, myth burst! Newer technological advancements like cognitive robotic process automation would create brand new faces to telecom as an industry. Robotics can considerably contribute towards innovative telecom products which would enhance communication facilities across the globe. Deep learning, Machine learning, NLP, and Big data would also contribute to creating innovative solutions which can boost telecom revenues.

Scalability can be achieved when products are designed on a futuristic perspective. Technical collaboration with lesser-known brands is the trend in the coming years too. Capital investment costs can be kept low that way. Cloud computing is the game which is ongoing.

Technical Requirements for automating a Business Process

Business Process Automation is a widely used term and why it seems to lure is because the results are overwhelming. Progressive companies are investing in this technology mainly because human beings cannot be tortured like robots. The human brain will engage in creative activities when repetitive tasks are taken over by robots. The main aim is to streamline businesses to make it appear simple, simplicity is the key to service quality. In addition, digital transformation goals would become achievable when BPA is implemented cleverly. Service delivery quotient would always be positive with such efforts which contain costs and focus on quality rather than quantity.

“According to Charles Darwin, organisms evolve as a result of a series of changes in processes. Similarly, automated processes often provide a secure platform which reduces the development time for your technical team. This leads to faster product development which is innovative and ready to market.”

Digital platforms which would enable end-users to develop high tech products, without any coding knowledge, are gaining popularity in the market. Software development lifecycle (SDLC) is not a rigid concept. Traditional software engineering methodologies are getting re-invented each day. In this scenario, technical requirements also change for each project. To be successful your organisation needs a varied pool of developers and engineers who are not reluctant to change and are ready to adapt and learn newer technologies. In short, there are no hard and fast rules for this.

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Telecommunications is Rummaging into unseen possibilities with the support of Business Process Automation companies. It has an impact on many related industries like Health, Finance, Automotive and many others. Connected cars and connected homes are just tips of the iceberg.

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