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Industry Specific Trends to watch for in 2019 – Artificial Intelligence

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The key technology trends in 2019 is shaping up around Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Starting from IT infrastructure support to developing low cost business applications, ai services companies is going to cast an influence in many industries. It speeds up the DevOps teams to perform precise and accurate root cause analysis and issue resolutions. This combination provides precise customizations and developers are at ease since they don’t have to follow detailed IT workflows.

Scenario: How AI impacts Automobile Industry?

The growing automobile industry needs high tech innovations to expand its horizons. Customers are always on the lookout for automation features which would augment the business to far reaching heights. How far this automation is achieved depends on how fast the features are implemented across the industry in limited time.

Following are the segments where automation can be enabled to speed up the industry.

  1. Manufacturing: Nuvento Robotic Process Projects can aid in identification of areas where the industry needs improvement in terms of vehicle design and features. Features may include better fuel efficiency, design elements which aids in movements, traffic detection and many more which are tech driven.
  2. Predictive Maintenance: This is a core area which would considerably enhance revenue streams of automobile industry. This eliminates hassles involved in remembering the service due dates, and customers always vote for brands which offer proactive preventive measures. Service centers these days are on the lookout for increasing revenues but most of their efforts often result in customer dissatisfaction. Their efforts to reach customers over the telephone often goes in vain but Nuvento AI chatbots can help the industry considerably to improve customer satisfaction. Chatbots can inform customers about service due dates and information about other maintenance schedules at the right time.
  3. Insurance Claims Settlement: Digital Insurance Claims Solution offers benefits like reduced claims processing times and faster resolution. Paper documentation is eliminated with emerging digital technologies which improves the SLAs and improves workflows.


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