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Know all your options before creating a Mobile App for your business

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Finding new customers can be very expensive for a business in the long run. Retaining existing customers can provide incremental revenue benefits. Fostering customer loyalty is a widely discussed topic because of its implications on revenue and it ensures steady growth in profitability. B2B businesses are increasingly adopting Mobile apps to increase brand visibility.

Opt-in messages via mobile apps can considerably improve brand engagement. Mobile App built on a secure platform is the easiest way to communicate directly to the customers. Nuvento Mobile Apps secured with Cloud Encryption Gateways are high on demand for security conscious enterprises. Cost of a data breach is alarming, so businesses invest on such App development technologies without a doubt. 

In-app purchases, ads, and promotions have a greater impact on B2B customer as compared to social media ads, and email marketing. There are various types of mobile apps available for B2B.

  • Native apps:

Native Apps are developed to be used on a particular platform or device. This ensures optimized performance and takes advantage of the latest GPS technology. The most popular Native Apps are Whatsapp and Facebook. Whatsapp business app is enriched with features like business profiles and new messaging tools. IOS apps are mostly written in Objective-C and Swift, Android apps in Java or Kotlin. C++ is still being used for native Windows and Blackberry apps.

  • Web Apps:

Web app is a software program in which the client, which can be a User Interface and Client-side logic, runs in a web browser. Example of a common web app is webmail. Another most widely used web app is Flash which creates animations on web pages. Flash is a vector animation player which is added to web browsers as a plugin to make the page lively and vibrant. Interactive websites attract and retain your customers by creating long lasting impressions. Flash is widely used to create content rich internet applications, mobile games and mobile applications. Buffer is another web app which enhances your enterprise social media campaigns. Buffer enables you to schedule Tweets, Facebook status updates, LinkedIn updates, and more ahead of time.

  • Hybrid apps:

Hybrid applications are web applications in a native browser, such as UIWebView in iOS and WebView in Android. Hybrid apps are coded using HTML, CSS and Javascript and enfolded in a native application using platforms like Apache Cordova. Mobile app development is simpler and easier with Cordova. Platforms can be changed anytime, and you can build apps for many platforms by making simple changes in code. Cordova has a huge repository of plugins which you can use to enhance your phone hardware (camera/Bluetooth)

  • Progressive Mobile apps:

Progressive Web Apps resemble a native mobile app but it is easier and faster to download and works on any browser, be it Chrome or Opera. Examples of progressive mobile apps include Flipkart, Twitter Lite and Book My Show. Businesses adopt progressive web apps to increase conversions, webpage visits and web page session duration. Other benefits include faster page loading, better user experiences, lesser data use and lower costs.

A Quick look at few Mobile App Development Trends:

Smartphone activity has almost become synonymous to our heart beats! Even during sleep, the majority of us are engaged in some activity with the smartphone, it can be a recheck on the sleep cycle indicator or an alarm which reminds you to take your medicines on time. Mobile apps these days integrate and loop each action you wish to take using your smartphone, be it reading news, checking business emails, gossiping with friends, shopping your favourite tee, or giving a podcast brand reminder.

The use of smartphone and mobile apps is a much-loved phenomenon which will never get reduced.

  • AR & VR is Revolutionizing Gaming Industry:

Most of today’s apps can survive and compete only if they are enriched with AR and VR technology. VR devices like Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard and Oculus Rift are highly popular. AR games like Sky Siege and myNav are buck winners in Gaming & Entertainment, at the same time their potential to make changes in stimulating environments is a fact which cannot be forgotten.

  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is enhancing Web App Landscape

Everybody likes web apps which load faster on smartphones. Google’s AMP project has contributed in this regard 3 years ago. AMP still remains on top of mobile app development trends because of its capability to ensure more website visitors and lesser bounce rates.

Here are some of the best known B2B Mobile Apps for Handling Your Business like a pro on the move:

  • Google Analytics App for tracking anything and everything which happens on your website.
  • HootSuite for managing your entire social media campaigns. Peep in anytime from any device.
  • LinkedIn Pulse which connects you to the news world, join any online conversation from any device.
  • WebEx to host, organize and attend any number of online events, message, video chat or share files.
  • Salesforce Mobile to give you the best CRM experience in mobile version.

Choose wisely when it comes to developing a Mobile App for your enterprise management. Technologies change over time, the more secure the technology you choose the more secure would be your enterprise data, process and applications! Choose the platforms which offer maximum encryption and limited third party plugins.

Are you confused to see the multiple options? We will help you choose the best!

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