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Small Business Guide to Facebook Messenger Chatbot Marketing

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Chatbot completely automates your customer communication process. Facebook Chatbot leverages
AI capabilities and re-defines your customer service function.

facebook chatbots guide - infographic
What are facebook chatbots?
Bots automate tasks. Facebook messenger has numerous chatbots that connect your customers to your business. Customers converse with bots and know more about your business.

Why do you use Facebook chatbots?
Chatbots help you reach the right type of target audience. There are over 300,000 active chatbots in facebook.
You can use Chatbots to:

  1. Answer usual and repetitive customer questions. Hence your customer service team can focus on complex issues.
  2. Chatbots help customers in making a faster purchase decision. They make product research easier. They intervene only when the customer needs them.
  3. Send instant alerts anytime anywhere.

Chatbots promote impulse purchase behavior. Customized offers increase the chance easier conversion.

How to create a human-like chatbot?

  1. Use nodding gestures and silence breaking words like hmmm, lemme think, wait a minute, hahaha, lol, etc.
  2. When the customer waits for an answer to a specific query, navigate the customer through the other product offers, discounts, suggestions etc.
  3. Engage in simple conversations.
  4. Always keep an alternate solution handy, chatbots may not always answer all questions.
  5. Connect all your Facebook CTA buttons to the chatbot interface. This way you can get more customers diverted to your chatbot.

In what ways a chatbot can help your business?

  • Lead Nurturing – Lead gets generated at any moment in a buying journey. Chatbots nurture leads by maintaining the interest once visitors reach the website and navigate through the webpages. They keep returning to your webpage/content to learn more and that is how leads are nurtured by chatbots.
  • Educating Customers through knowledge sharing – Chatbot algorithms can fetch knowledge data from your data repository and answer your customer’s questions.
  • Chatbots can handle numerous queries – Sometimes your agent may not be able to handle more than one customer query, here chatbots can open up more service lines and promptly respond to numerous queries. This reduces call volume and wait time and lowers operating costs.
  • Chatbots score over e-mails because they reach your customers directly. Most of the e-mails never get opened, so chatbots can reach your customers better than e-mail marketing.
  • Chatbots give a personal touch to your customer conversations.
  • Chatbots have a unique broadcasting feature that allows numerous messages to be sent to multiple users.

Other benefits of chatbot app development in customer support, which we have observed in our clients are the following,

  • 37% increase in quick response.
  • 35% increase in complaint resolution
  • 55% increase in answers to simple questions

Facebook Messenger chatbots are very efficient marketing tools with which you can meet customer expectations through a platform preferred by customers.

Contact us to develop a custom chatbot that can interact and engage your daily customers on a personal level.