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Dedicated Teams will be the new normal post COVID 19. Here’s why

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COVID 19 has disrupted businesses across multiple verticalsforcing them to navigate through financial and operational uncertainties. As the need to address their customer requests remain, businesses must find ways to support their people, their customers, their suppliers and align with the evolving demand by identifying new ways of delivering solutions.  

This has forced them to hire dedicated development team models to address the urgent need to deliver support to their teams and customers.  Offshore technology companies offer quick solutions to customer challenges that are done cost-effectively and does not compromise on quality.  

In a survey by Deloitte to understand outsourcing trends, the primary reasons for businesses to outsource software development included:  

  1. Cost effectiveness – 65% companies said remote software development teams were not as expensive
  2. Focus on core business goals – 57% of companies say outsourcing enables them to better focus and align internal resources to work towards core business goals. 
  3. Capacity issues – 47% of companies said outsourcing cloud-based IT development helped them resolve their capacity issues. 


Businesses that face financial challenges owing to COVID 19 and are forced to revamp their business models will rely on dedicated development teams for these very reasons and more. 

  1. Development with a dedicated team is affordable: Average salary for a software developer in the US today is $130,000. When you hire a dedicated team to do the job, you get skilled experts in multiple skillsets, who would solely work on your projects during the time of engagement for a fraction of this cost. Another upside, you need not bother about paying for benefits, sick days, training and more.  
  2. Dedicated IT teams are flexible: Dedicated IT team providers have a pool of skilled talent and can flexibly scale with minimal disruption to ongoing work. Collaboration tools also make it easy to directly interact with clients.  
  3. Collaborative engagement: Dedicated IT teams solely concentrate on your projects and are committed to keep you updated on every stage of your project. They use project management tools like Basecamp, Slack, JIRA, Skype, MS Teams and GoToMeeting providing greater control and visibility.   
  4. Latest technology: A dedicated IT team keeps its resources updated on the latest products and technologies used as they work on your project. This ensures projects are completed and maintained in highest quality.  

Nuvento’s Dedicated Team support allows businesses to get instant access to our pool of talented technology resources, superior IT framework, thought leadership and our technology project best practices. We support your development projects on-site, off-site and offshore, and use our expertise to develop solutions that address your business challenges cost-efficientlyOur models are ideal for helping businesseadapt to the new normal presented by the COVID 19 crisis.