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Why dedicated IT teams work best for startups

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Why dedicated IT teams work best for startups 

“Getting the team right is the necessary precursor to getting the ideas right.” Ed Catmull 

If aidea drives a startup, it’s a team that’s focused on its success that makes it win in the market. 

But what makes a great team? 

Research shows us that during most evaluations for a team to support startup, gut feeling and intuition were the main due diligence taken for a decision. This is not a datadriven approach and is a wrong way tdecide on a teamStudies have found that 23of new ventures failed because the team wasn’t right
Based on our studies from observing patterns around winning teams, we’ve found a few key aspects for a technology team to win. They are:  

  1. Experience  
  2. Soft skills  
  3. Hard skills  
  4. Vision  
  5. Diversity 

But for a startup founder to immediately hire an entire team, with all these experiences, on their payroll can be rather daunting. They’d first have to hire a recruiter, and then professionals with this expertise, and that could mean incurring a financial burden on themselves. 

Nuvento’s dedicated development teams allow startups and young enterprises to hire our teams to enable their technology projects and products. We are fast to adapt to new environments given our experience lies in quickly analyzing technology roadblocks and enabling startups and enterprises to make the most out of their technology infrastructure.  

Our leaders, who drive the show, are technology veterans who have helped enterprises across various business sections like law, manufacturing, sports, insurance and so on, realize the true value of digital transformation by building and sometimes even reworking on existing system to enable fluid and efficient business processes. 

How Nuvento helps startups? 

  • We help develop your PoC/MVP/prototype 

These are the preliminary stages product development and our technology teams can guide and develop your idea to a product. 

A proof of concept (PoC) is a method we use to assess the viability of a business idea that you can show to your investors to prove your idea can work so they’re convinced to invest. Investing in hiring a full time CTO could be an expensive proposition at this stage. So, the option we recommend from our years of experience is consulting with a startup IT solutions expert on the best course for your PoC plan. 

Our dedicated IT teams can also enable the development of your minimum viable product (MVP), which is a basic version that can released in the market to satisfy early customers. While you may be considering hiring a whole team, our advice is ‘choose wisely’. Hiring a full-time team could come at a cost, and you’d have no guarantee on the output. Our dedicated development teams are dedicated IT resources who will work full-time on your projects as it is their own guided by our technology leadership and your business vision setting your business plan up for success.  

Startup founders can also leverage our dedicated team’s expertise to build a prototype of their product, to give stakeholders and investors a draft version of what the product would look like. While hiring an experienced technology professional full-time would be the best option, to cut costs yet get the most bang for your buck you can outsource a developer instead and leverage the expertise of a technology consultant to ensure your plan is fail-proof.  

Dedicated IT teams therefore are one of the best and safest investments to make when you’re building a brand. Simply because you get to leverage the wealth of their leaders’ expertise and even develop your product at a fraction of a full-timer’s cost.   

  • We provide technology expertise 

For technology startup founders who do not have a technology professional helping them, we provide consulting services which can be available at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time technology professional. Our leaders have a collective experience of 100 years and there is nothing that they have not seen and cannot solve.  

Whether it be initial guidance before your startup takes off or you have a moderately experienced developer helping you with your technology needs and you need further guidance, our technology experts can be your go-to resources who can help you figure out the way forward to building a winning startup.  

  • We bring in diversity of ideas 

A team with people with diverse personalities can foster a creative environment that’s full of ideas – something essential for startups. Studies have proven that diversity in teams brings in an enhanced work culture. Our on-site, off-site and offshore dedicated IT team models opens up the opportunity for you to work with diverse talent.  

  • Our flexibility allows us to share in your vision 

Vision is the driving force for any project. It keeps the team motivated and communication aligned. Our flexible working models allow our teams to work for you and share in your vision as it is their ownNuvento has your success at heart and we do what it takes for you to win in the market.   

 Nuvento’s dedicated IT teams are led by technology experts with over 25 years of experience in evaluating technology challenges and deploying solutions that deliver desired results and optimize value. Our startup IT solutions are focused on helping young entrepreneurs build product concepts, their prototypes, MVPs, PoCsthe required architecture and quality test before they’re presented to prospective investors. With our wealth of experience, we aim to help startups with solutions that set them up for success.