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Why Nuvento is a great place to work for women

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A great workplace makes sure all employees feel safe and have equal opportunity to grow. Without bias or discrimination, everybody feels empowered to do their best work. Nuvento fosters diversity and we’ve developed a culture that allows women to succeed in their careers. We give them opportunities to perform in an environment where they feel safe and inspired.  


How are we doing this? 

 Encouraging female role models: At Nuvento, we motivate all employees to strive for excellence, giving them equal opportunities to grow. We actively encourage, nurture and foster women in leadership roles and we’re proud that 50% of our project managers are women.  

 Increasing the number of women in our teams: We’re also actively hiring women employees into our workforce, recognizing that gender balance is essential for building high-performance teams.  Multiple studies prove that companies with a diverse workforce not only have a more varied skill set but are also more lucrative. 

By ensuring women are safe in the workplace: Women’s safety is critical to Nuvento. Our POSH policies outline how we’ve built a safe and secure environment for women – preventing, prohibiting and redressing instances of sexual harassment at the workplace. Nuvento is also committed to maintaining an environment that is free from coercion and intimidation. We have an internal complaints committee and defined escalation points to address issues.  

 Our monthly forums, jointly led by the human resources and women’s committee, address issues of discomfort and address them to keep the working environment healthy.  

 Allowing women to voice their opinions: We allow our women employees to voice their opinions. They are encouraged to speak for themselves and use their thoughts to strengthen our purpose and the company.  

 Recognizing women’s contributions: At Nuvento, we celebrate women’s success in ways that are meaningful to them. We acknowledge their individual contributions as well as their collective efforts and we also ensure we have special celebrations on occasions like Women’s Day to thank them for the work they do and the difference they make by balancing competing priorities at home and work to be there for everyone who needs them.  

 Apart from all these women-centric initiatives, we’ve recently built an Advocacy Portal where any employee can anonymously share feedback about anything within the workplace that impacts them – positive or negative. The information will be kept strictly confidential and employees can share their opinions, thoughts or feedback about people, processes or work with confidence.  

 All these employee-centric and women-friendly initiatives point towards Nuvento’s focus on creating a positive and growth-oriented workplace. And it clearly suggests that Nuvento is a great place for women and that it focuses on their development. Our open and flexible culture lets each one of our employees explore their potential, giving them their due regardless of gender and this makes Nuvento an amazing workplace and a great place to be in.