why your business needs chatbots

Use Chatbots, your business needs It!

Clear and Precise Communication is a pre-requisite for the smooth functioning of any enterprise.

This communication can be between the business and its customers, within various departments or with stakeholders and public in general.

Minute problems in business communication can be a reason why your business loses customers. If not identified and corrected, this can lead to decreasing profits in the long run.

Two main problems of human communication are
  • Inability to explain feelings
  • Incapability to understand the mood of the other person
This results in conflicts and chaos amongst your business work teams and customers.
It is quite common that we fail in putting into words what we feel deep inside. Inefficiencies of such human communication can be minimized with the help of AI enabled chatbot development service.
Chatbot is a much sought out weapon to handle issues related to your customer support teams.
Consider this scenario of dealing with irate/abusive clients. Your customer support team is always under pressure to deal with this category of difficult clients. Chatbots often pop up as an intermediate agent or in other words a Diplomatic friend to ease the situation. Once the irate client is pacified human agent can take over the conversation. This has positive impacts on improved customer satisfaction and enhanced workforce morale. Decisions are taken and products offered in chaos won’t do any good to your business. AI chatbots are powerful tools which mimic human conversations and most of the times they respond to customers exactly in the way they want.
So, before your irate clients bang at your store door or start spreading negative publicity in social media against your brand, deploy chatbots as a precaution! Every conversation using chatbots would be monitored using powerful AI and NLP capabilities to ensure your clients stay happy and satisfied.

Count on our Chatbots for revamping your E-commerce biz!

How good it would be when your customer finds a friendly navigator on your otherwise unattended e-commerce store! A chatbot which guides your customer without seeming like an intrusion is always a boon to your business. It can get your customers hooked on to your brand for longer terms. Main benefits include:
  • Customers find it easy to navigate the store and get exactly what they want easily and quickly.
  • Chatbots instigate repeat sales because they make a long-lasting impression in customers’ minds through their unique avatar/persona.
  • They outsmart human chat agents most of the times by understanding your customers exact requirements and suggesting specific products/services.
A chatbot which takes a footballer persona can woo lots of customers for your online store which sells Sports goods and supplies. These days brands are conscious towards developing unique chatbots which match their brand personas. For the customer to make a deep connection with your brand, you got to offer something which lingers in their mind for a longer time. For instance, suppose your online store sells umbrellas, chatbots which combine rain music with interesting text and visuals can attract your customers and they think about your brand in the long run. Whenever there is rain, they would think about your brand. Whenever there is money to spend, such customers always shop from your store, repeatedly. These interesting chatbots can be integrated across Facebook and any other famous messaging platforms and your customers easily identify them. This helps your brand to target the right type of customers who can earn revenue for your brand.
Future of e-commerce is largely related to Mobile messengers connected to Chatbots. Also, e-commerce businesses are coming up with chatbots which interact with customers through their apps, Facebook messenger or other messaging apps. Many brands are investing in chatbots which communicate to their customers through their apps on a regular basis, sending notifications, alerts to buy/upgrade, announcing discounts, offering product comparisons, reminding you about your friend’s birthday, all of these triggers brand loyalty and sales.

What chatbots can do to your business is summarized as follows

  • Chatbots can handle numerous customer conversations simultaneously, they are master Multitaskers!
  • Chatbots engage with customers more efficiently than human agents. This has a direct impact on cost efficiency and productivity.
  • Chatbots can give an attractive outlook to your normal e-commerce site, they can personalize each shopping experience and make memorable moments.
  • Chatbots converse with your customers through various platforms, they consistently learn by understanding your shoppers’ intent and recommend the most suited products.
  • Chatbots can bring about considerable changes in the way your workforce communicates. Most routine, basic business conversations are handled by chatbots and your workforce can engage in more meaningful, creative conversations.
AI is deeply embedded in different aspects of our modern lives and robots are no more Aliens to mankind. AI chatbots have cast their influence on various business arenas and most futuristic marketers and decision makers are looking forward to rapid developments in this field. AI effects can be positively disruptive to the tech business sphere. Inventing intelligent devices, streamlined information flow, etc are few things which AI can do to make our lives simpler each day.

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