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Business Platforms and Transformation 


“Start your journey towards digitalization with Nuvento’s business platforms and transformation services .”


Our offerings

Nuvento is an emerging technology and digital transformation partner firm that provides expertise and solutions in: 

Managed Services
Application Modernization
Product Engineering and MVP
Digital Platforms and Solutions

Nuvento will aid businesses in implementing enterprise software that help to change organizational mindsets and build business agility, resulting in a broader transformation and dynamic change.


Application modernization services 

“Transforming your legacy apps in the cloud to make them more agile and efficient.”

Legacy technology and information technology systems can create a challenge. While they are still necessary, they frequently impede businesses and become a hindrance to efficiency, scalability and the smooth operation of your business. Existing enterprise systems can become costly over time due to their inability to adjust to business process changes, which hinders work from being done in new, more efficient ways.


With technology debt expected to climb in the next three years, these methods limit market pace and innovation. Nuvento provides Application Modernization Services that do more than merely cut costs, risks and boost agility. Our strategy focuses on increasing user experience and company value. We accomplish this by combining, re-architecting, moving, replacing, and automating your information technology systems.

Delivering a more modern experience

We deliver actual corporate value by applying a user experience approach to modernization, which includes transformative and consultative services such as: 

Modernization and migration of applications

Modernization and migration of collaboration

Modernization and migration of infrastructure

Application managed services 

“Nuvento Application managed services can help you improve enterprise apps and increase business sustainability.” 

In today’s world, when the technology landscape is becoming more complex than ever, businesses have challenges in digitalizing and sustaining themselves without straining internal resources against rising costs. Nuvento Application Managed Services ensures that your organization overcomes these obstacles, resulting in improved application performance and better business outcomes.

Nuvento AMS services include a comprehensive suite of industry-leading services that focuses on application monitoring, problem resolution, system availability and reliability management, ongoing app improvement. All of these services can be modified to meet the evolving needs of a business.


What Nuvento AMS Offers: 

Application performance optimization

Performs a wide range of app monitoring and resolves any potential risks that cause process disruptions or inconvenience in user experience.

Troubleshooting applications

Ensures suitable application functioning by resolving issues such as applications disruptive behavior, delayed request processing, and excessive memory usage.

Application enhancement

Facilitates the orderly and timely administration of small and large application changes, updates, and new version rollouts.

Application optimization

Help keep apps relevant to changing business contexts by identifying and adapting applications by automation, platform migration, or restructure to speed up and enhance maintenance.

Change management and training

We ensure integration of new app components and upgraded/expanded versions of current ones into your IT system, as well as the smooth transition to new technology with a change management plan.

Application security

We employ our monitoring and testing expertise to avoid data breaches caused by application vulnerabilities.


Product engineering and MVP services 

“Developing digital software products to meet all of your future needs while enabling you to stay on top with the latest technological innovations.” 

As technology advances, so does business requirements. Nuvento’s digital transformation consulting specialists will help you in meeting your requirements through product engineering and MVP development. We create digital software products with a seamless user experience that delivers the best performance.

Our product engineering solutions are scalable, cost-effective, and designed to address real-world business issues. We plan, design, create, test, and launch products in line with the requirements of entrepreneurs and start-ups, while keeping essential factors such as pricing and timelines in mind.

Our core offerings 

Nuvento’s expert developers can handle the entire product engineering lifecycle, from concept to implementation, encompassing the entire

range of product development solutions. We provide comprehensive product engineering and development services for all industries. 

Our team assists startups and organizations throughout the product development lifecycle, which includes

Product development

Our team will collaborate with you to establish a basic plan for your product, as well as outline problems, explore solutions, and define the usability of your product.

Management of MVPs and prototypes

We help in the development of an MVP prototype that can be launched to the market; after learning what extra features would attract consumers, we make further alterations to the prototype that will turn into a successful product.

Technology migration and re-engineering

Conducting a detailed assessment of your current technology framework to detect system flaws and creating a change strategy for re-engineering the framework to accomplish the desired results, as well as migrating your technology to a new framework.

Design of architecture

We work on the design and architecture of your product after understanding the scope of product usage through discussions, and move into the development and design phase, and finally testing and validation of the built models.

Consultation on technology

Our product engineering consultants will provide help at every step – from concept to solution delivery – to build customized solutions that match your startup's goals while staying inside your budget.

Quality control and testing

Our QA and testing services offer efficient and dependable procedures for testing your product's stability, performance, and quality.

Digital platforms and solutions 

We have been an active partner in digital transformation solutions and innovations. Here are some of our flag ship products for the various sectors that we have been working for. 


NuOCR is a high-performance optical character recognition system for enterprises that automates data extraction from paper, images or pdf files. After extraction, it enables validates/allows for user validation and dispatches the data to the destination software.

NuOCR is an industry agnostic intelligent document processing software that converts unstructured information to structured digital data allowing enterprises to power up their CRM capabilities for enhanced customer experience.

  • Saves 80% of the time improving efficiency and saving costs.
  • Has up to 95% accuracy for digital and written documents
  • Streamlines processes workflows
Why Choose Nuvento

Nuvento’s Accelerators for Insurance Organizations


Cloud-based insurance broker software for insurance agents. It manages all of the information required to build a strong insurance database. AgentConnect can help agents stay up to date on their clients’ information, products, insurance companies, and contacts. The software automates the insurance lifecycle for agents, increasing their productivity.


  • Simple administration of insurance companies and contacts. 
  • Management of all client and prospect records. 
  • Quick commission and premium reporting. 
  • Helps in the identification of new business prospects. 
  • Agents are digitally connected to their customers. 
  • Documentation and delivery are completed quickly. 
  • Helps in the formation of insurance policies. 
  • It is useful for scheduling appointments. 

Policy Wallet

The Policy wallet platform will make it easy for your policyholders to access insurance services. They can handle their claims, renew their policies, and track the information on their policies. The policy wallet reduces policyholders’ reliance on their insurance agent/broker to meet their insurance needs. 


  • Insurance purchasing made simple. 
  • Policy administration is streamlined. 
  • Simple claim handling. 
  • Quick access to forms and informational documents. 
  • Increased client satisfaction. 
  • Reduced reliance on customer service. 
  • Claims processing time is reduced. 
  • Customer information has been centralized. 


AI-powered vehicle damage estimator that allows users to upload images of a damaged car and get an estimate for claim. This digital insurance software leverages image analytics for real-time vehicle damage assessments. Process consistency minimizes opportunities for fraud and improves operational efficiency of the insurer.


  • Speeds up claims’ settlements 
  • Enhanced customer experience with improved efficiency 
  • Quick real-time assessments with images 
  • Consistency in repair cost estimates 
  • Timely generation of estimates 
  • Reduced chances for fraud 
  • Scalable and easy to integrate 
  • Process optimizations 

Healthcare Sector

Video conferencing platform 

Nuvento’s comprehensive communication platform framework provides long-distance or worldwide audio and video communication for your company platform, as well as detailed analytics. Chat, screen sharing, and call records are all built-in capabilities. The framework is built to evaluate every contact center interaction using AI-based functionalities. It also provides feedback to agents and support teams to improve their performance. Staff can both host and attend meetings with coworkers and customers. 


  • Platform for unidirectional and bidirectional communication. 
  • Screen sharing. 
  • Instant messaging. 
  • Regulatory compliances. 
  • End-to-end encryption. 
  • Recording. 
  • Customizable. 
  • Platform integration. 
  • Multi-channel

EduHealth EHR  with COVID 19 Tracker 

EduHealth is a leading electronic health record system for schools, which includes a powerful COVID 19 Tracking module as well. It can be used by school nurses or school health authorities to monitor and record health data of students and school workers to keep children and the school environment safe. EduHealth’s capabilities provide comprehensive student care by breaking down school nurses’ daily activities into simple-to-use modules. The COVID 19 tracking and contact tracing tool enables school health administrators to follow student symptoms, as well as monitor quarantine and return statuses.



  • Easy to train, demonstrate and use 
  • Paperless digital records management 
  • Efficient parent request management  
  • FERPA and HIPAA compliant 
  • COVID 19 tracking and contact tracing 
  • Intuitive immunization tracking 
  • Smart cohort management 



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