Enterprise Business Intelligence Consulting

Access and Share Information Across the Enterprise Easily.
Improves The Decision Making Process
Helps You Know Your Business
Real-Time Business Analysis with Quick Navigation.
Avoid Wastage of Time and Resource to Increase Productivity.
In-depth Analysis to Kick Start Sales and Marketing Campaigns. Make Marketing Decisions Based on Data.
Understand How Your Customers are Interacting with You and How Best to Reach Them
Tighten Up Data Accuracy and Compliance.

Convert the huge amount of data acquired from your day to day business to actionable insights and reports that drives better business outcomes.

At Nuvento, we understand that a successful business intelligence strategy does not only involve the technological brilliance.

With more than 12 years of experience, we have a refined business intelligence strategy that delivers the right information to the right people at the right time and in the right format.

Our BI & Data Science Offerings

Data Warehousing and Integration

Data collection from separate sources & stores in single data-warehouse for a unified access of company’s data.

Self service BI capabilities

Customizable dashboards which can be filtered, sorted and visualized without the help of BI and IT experts.

Data Visualization

Build robust reporting platforms with graphical representation of data and actionable insights.

Enterprise Reporting

Intelligent business solutions that delivers data and insights to relevant decision makers to make data driven business decisions at the right time.

Why Choose Us as Your Business Intelligence Consultants

12 years experience

24/7 Support

On-Time Delivery

120+ Digital Experts

Technology Expertise

Modern Cloud Architecture


Performance Scorecard Solution for a Law Firm

A leading law firm in the US sought to improve the efficiency of its operations with a performance scorecard/dashboard. They used Thomson Reuters Elite – a product and trademark of Reuters to manage their operational and financial data. The clients invested in a pre-canned performance scorecard solution offering by a well-known brand. But on implementing the solution, they have observed that it barely met the performance monitoring objectives.

The client reached out to Nuvento for an assessment to formulate a solution for a well-integrated data warehouse and a performance scorecard. Our team, led by our lead solutions architect, created a plan to re-model the data warehouse and its data integration.

Data Warehousing & Integration

Data is generated from diverse sources and customer touchpoints from the day to day business activities of an organisation. Integrating, organizing and storing these data in a centralized storage location is the foundation of a strong business intelligence strategy. This is exactly what we do at Nuvento, with our data warehousing and data integration services.

Our data warehousing solutions are backed by the most advanced cloud technology to generate structured data which can be compared and analyzed for greater business intelligence. This makes our data warehousing and integration solutions easily scalable.

Enterprise Reporting

Enterprise reporting services helps to derive meaningful and actionable insights from the company’s data assets and visualize it with eye catching graphical representations. 

Our enterprise reporting solutions can generate historical, real-time and predictive insights of your business operations which can be detrimental to making the key business decisions. Drive your business to greater heights with data driven business strategies.