Enterprise Data Management

Nuvento’s Enterprise Data Management (EDM) CoE helps enterprises to help streamline their data for quicker access and retrieval. EDM facilitates both internal and external functions to have seamless access to the right data without any overlapping. As a function, it helps in reducing errors and inconsistency that creep in when data from diverse sources are used. EDM helps enterprises bring more transparency to their data processes. Businesses that rely heavily on Big Data, Data visualization and data discovery need EDM to amplify their productivity and efficiency in decision making. Nuvento’s Enterprise Data Management services are devised to help enterprises turn their data into assets of value creation.

Our  Enterprise

Data Warehousing 



BI Competency Center


Our BI Competency Center (BICC) is a cross-functional team of experts who use the Nuvento BICC framework to define, set and manage a set of rules to better integrate enterprise data, enable self-service reporting models, develop analytical models and promote better-coordinated decision making.


ETL Center


Is a web-based ETL Management Platform designed for SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) users. The product allows for easier scheduling of tasks, error handling, audit of logs and seamless management of ETL tasks built using SSIS.

Enterprise Data Lakes


Our enterprise data lakes are designed to enable large organizations to manage/centralize their diverse data sources, which could include complex legacy apps data, unstructured social media streams, connected devices JSON, to excel integrated data models of analysts.

Legacy Data Migration


We specialize in migrating data across databases be it SQL Server, Oracle or DB2 or between versions of the same technology or just performing Cloud-based migrations.

Social Media Data Integrator


We provide in-house data management tools capable of integrating with different channels of social media data and integrating diverse data elements including images, videos and text for intelligent analysis.

Our Core Focus Areas

Enterprise Data Management And Reporting

Collect, organize and manage enterprise data to facilitate dynamic report generation and decision-making.

Big Data Integration And Analytics

Bring structured and unstructured data from legacy systems and real-time sources under one roof for meaningful analysis.

Data Visualization And Data Discovery

Empower your data scientists as well as non-technical business users to see through the patterns that your data could be creating.

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