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An organization that has the largest digital library of medical education in the world wanted to migrate the application to the Azure cloud. They had thousands of peer-reviewed PubMed indexed articles covering every specialty in healthcare that they wanted to move to the cloud. Read on and find out how the Azure cloud experts at Nuvento assisted them in their cloud migration journey.

The challenge

The client’s custom-built application was hosted on dedicated servers in a third-party data center. Due to an internet outage in the region, they experienced downtime for over a day, which rendered the application inaccessible. This impacted the user experience and resulted in damage to reputation along with monetary loss for the organization. They wanted to ensure the reliability, resiliency, security, and availability of their application.


The best course of action was to move to the cloud. The client started looking for the right Azure cloud migration partner and found Nuvento. Our cloud experts discussed with them and mapped out a cloud journey roadmap for them. Let’s take a look at the solution.


Our client was looking to migrate their application from dedicated servers to Azure cloud to leverage cloud capabilities, such as redundancy, scalability, and availability. These were critical to the application, and we used a phased migration approach.

Design Phase

We designed a migration strategy and chose VMs in different regions to always ensure availability. Before the migration, we performed a test migration process. The test was successful, and the application was running perfectly in the test environment.

Migration Phase

Next, we set up the Azure production environment for the client. To minimize the downtime, we used the blue-green deployment approach so that the application remained accessible to users throughout the migration process. We used various tools and services available on Azure to ensure that the application was optimized, and all the requirements were met.

Post Migration support

Our cloud experts trained the staff on managing the application. We also helped in implementing a disaster recovery strategy. We also conducted disaster recovery drills so that they can respond immediately in the face of a disaster.

Azure Tools and Services 


Azure Migrate

Assess, track and migrate data, infrastructure, and applications from on-premises to Azure.


Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery

Backup as a service, set up and implement the disaster recovery plan.


Azure monitor

Analyze and assess the performance of the application and optimize it.


Azure Alerts  

Notify when issues are found with the application or infrastructure. 


Optimized performance

Released improvements to the application to ensure continuous improvement to suit evolving user needs.

Successful migration to Azure

Migrated the custom-built application to Microsoft Azure with the ability to scale infrastructure on demand and ensure high availability.

Cost Savings

Achieved significant cost savings from optimal use of cloud services and reduced hosting costs, making it a highly profitable move.

High Availability

Achieved near-zero downtime and high data availability even during sudden traffic spikes, providing an uninterrupted customer experience.

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