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A leading law firm needed a new intranet portal that enabled communication and collaboration among the employees, and kept them engaged with the organization and its activities. The organization had a unique challenge. Each branch maintained its data and information, and this siloed model of functioning created a disconnect between the employees and the organization.  

As a large organization of over 2,000-3,000 employees of different levels working out of multiple locations, there was a multi-level collaboration challenge. 

The leaders envisioned an intranet portal that enabled them to communicate with the employees and allow employees to communicate with each other. It should also help to collaborate on projects and share documents in a governed environment, and keep employees updated on the organization’s latest events.  The leaders sought Nuvento’s help to address this challenge. We first analyzed the organization’s functioning to understand its unique problem. The organization had multiple units that were functioning independently. To address their communication, collaboration, and scheduling requirement, we proposed a solution on Microsoft SharePoint. The portal brought in content from all units on a single platform keeping all employees updated about important events and activities. Employees could search for specific events, news, documents, and even people, and they’d view curated feeds based on their interests. 


The portal performed as a hub for the organization’s content and collaborative requirements keeping employees engaged with the organization as well as among themselves and coordinate with each other for tasks. It showed maps and time zones of the different offices, customized news and calendars, birthdays and anniversaries, documents, weather information, office details, directory and search. The secure portal met all regulatory and governance compliances and increased employee efficiency with ease of access to information. And while we estimated to complete the project in 1.5 years, our expertise enabled us to reduce that time to 6 months.   

Project Highlights


Completed the project in 6 months

25% improved efficiency with ease of access to information

SharePoint solution brought all organization’s content on one platform

SharePoint solution brought all organization’s content on one platform

Regulated and governed access to information

Curated news feeds based on employee’s interest

Workflows to automate specific tasks

Customized calendars

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