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A non-profit Medicare and Medicaid mental health claims provider envisioned optimized operational dashboards with updated KPIs and visualizations. The system comprised of user scorecards, claims processing reports, and provider and subscriber metrics. They sought to put in place a DWH solution that consolidated the data from multiple sources and standardized them into a customer data warehouse. The governance and access regulations were expected to be HIPAA-compliant.  

The DWH system required real-time integration with multiple source systems. The data input came from varied sources and in different formats, including printed paper forms. Acquiring data from these sources and digitizing paper forms was one of the primary objectives of this initiative.  

The Nuvento team assessed the system, and our solutions’ architects proposed a 6-month DWH remodeling plan. Robotizing and automating bulk scanning of digital documents, having an OCR system process this data, digitizing, and finally uploading it to the database was one part. Organizing data coming from other sources in the database was the next. Following an agile development approach with user verification and testing, and a 2-3 day micro-milestone solution delivery strategy, we developed an ETL process to acquire data from discrete sources and generate accurate reports. We optimized DWH, following which the dashboards and reports got generated within 3-5 seconds.  

Project Highlights

Data warehouse remodeled

ETL process redesigned

Robotized and automated bulk document scanning

Dashboards and reports generated in 3-5 seconds


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