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How we helped a major US life insurance service provider manage their data and IT operations ensuring smooth business


A major life insurance provider in the Midwest (US) was facing various challenges in managing and monitoring the different data handling processes, and other activities and in maintaining their legacy applications and systems. The major challenges that the organization was facing with the current system were:

    • Huge inventory of un-managed assets
    • Timely maintenance of infrastructure and application
    • Multiple data sources
    • Workflow spanning different applications
    • Applications based on multiple/old technologies
    • Lack of resources for monitoring and maintenance
    • Slow processes and bottlenecks in the system


Nuvento implemented an end-to-end engagement with data warehousing solutions and offshore dedicated support teams that included 4 stages – discovery, development, ongoing support, and maintenance. The activities ran 24 hours, so we set up dedicated teams to monitor 24×7 and provide timely support. We managed the data warehousing activities outside business hours thereby ensuring smooth business. We also set up different teams to manage their middle and back-end operations and ensure timely actions are taken.

Dedicated support teams

Nuvento’s offshore dedicated teams provide 24×7 support. We use VMware tools to ensure internal systems are connected securely. Implemented an efficient ticket management system to track and resolve any support requests.

Monitoring teams

The monitoring teams are set up for server monitoring, database monitoring, Informatica, application support, and ensure the timely completion of processes that requires manual intervention.

Data warehousing

Built a new data warehouse for consolidating data and SSAS Cubes to meet hierarchy challenges We developed SSRS reports for faster response and implemented Informatica Cloud / SSIS ETL solutions

Dedicated data team

SSIS, SSRS, and SSAS teams are set up for monitoring and managing ETL data flows.

Alerts and actions

24×7 monitoring and alerts implemented to ensure timely support in case of incidents, decrease server downtime, and ensure that activities are running smoothly.

Change management

Conducts impact analysis when changes are required. Facilitate a smooth and successful change by developing the change, deploying, and testing securely.

Application Development

Helped develop file processing applications and agent data web applications and provided subsequent support.

End-to-end data management

Redefined the workflow process and implemented proprietary tools to manage workflows. Monitor and manage data management platforms, ETL tools, and processes to ensure smooth end-to-end data management.

Migration and modernization

Facilitated all backend system and application migration and modernization activities like Windows server migration, SQL server updates, and database migration

Performance tuning and troubleshooting

Performed sanity checks and health checks. Monitored the memory and CPU usage. Fine-tuning for optimal performance.


    • Reduced cost spent on infrastructure and resources by 30%
    • $1.5 million saved per year from cost and process efficiencies
    • 50% faster reporting with performance-tuning activities
    • 90% reduction in server downtime with efficient data backup and DR
    • 40% improvement in process and workflows
    • Reduced data silos to minimum
    • 24 X 7 monitoring of application and infrastructure
    • Automated 30% of workflowsm
    • Improved data refresh efficiency by 50%

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