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Nuvento helps start-up to improve service availability and time to market with the help of cloud.

A fast-growing startup in the healthcare sector wanted to build a hybrid app for making healthcare accessible and available to everyone. This multi-tenant application consisted of four separate sister applications for patients, doctors, laboratories, and pharmacies. The application allows patients to consult doctors, get mobile lab tests and medicines delivered at home. We built an Azure-based PaaS application that allowed patients to get medical care anytime.


The challenge

Our client wanted a robust, resilient, and cost-effective application that can scale up as their subscribers grew. The hybrid multiuser healthcare application presented a lot of challenges. 


  • With four separate sister applications and different user persona, the workflows had to be synchronized and error-free.  
  • A fast response time, availability, and processes had to be ensured due to the criticality of the application.  
  • The app had to be responsive and deliver high performance on any device. 
  • The critical modules like payment and sensitivity of data demanded high security. 

Our Solution 

After understanding the client’s requirements and challenges, we developed a solution that was the best fit.  We went for cloud hosting with Azure as the application availability was one of the major considerations.  With Azure PaaS, we could manage the building, testing, deploying, managing, and updating of the application and has control over the data. 

We used Azure PaaS offerings like Azure app service, Azure functions, Azure DevOps, and integrate Mongo Db and Cloud atlas with it.  We suggested a hybrid application for ensuring responsiveness as there are multiple user types who would use different devices to log in to the application. For instance, the patients might be using a mobile device while a doctor might be using a desktop. 

Azure app service

With Azure app service, we get to leverage Azure security, load balancing, autoscaling, and DevOps capabilities and host the application cost-effectively without worrying about the risks of managing the server. It takes around 15 minutes to set up or restart a server while it only takes 15 seconds to refresh Azure apps services.

Azure functions

Azure functions offer a flexible pricing plan based on the consumption model, supports a myriad of automated deployment options, and gain insights into the app. Azure Function is used for handling time triggering functionalities and workflows that are critical to the smooth functioning of the application.

Azure DevOps

With Azure DevOps, there are a host of services like Azure Boards, Azure pipeline, Azure Repos, Azure Test Plans, and Azure Artifacts which can be used as necessary. We can follow agile practices, create workflows and CI/CD pipelines, to develop test and deploy artefacts without disrupting the services.

Cloud Storage

Cost effective, scalable and secure storage is a necessity to ensure availability. We used the cloud database Mongo Db Atlas for its speed, change-friendly design, and advanced querying and analytics options. For storing additional data such as code, logs, pdf reports etc., we subscribed an Azure Blob storage account.


Cost savings

The total operational costs have been reduced by 35% with the Azure app service.

Faster time to market

With Azure DevOps, we have increased agility in the development, test, and deployment processes

Near-zero downtime

With CI/CD processes, the downtime has been reduced to 2-5 seconds ensuring availability which is mission-critical to the application

Lesser Complexity

Azure apps have made the connection with applications less complex and simplified the functionalities

Auto scalability

Improved performance by scaling down or up as the number of users with Azure apps services

Multiplatform support

With Azure functions, the app delivers optimal performance and fast loading speed on all devices.

Improved efficiency

Ensures quality of service to all users by synchronizing the process workflows.

The outcome 

The client was pleased with the results following the successful completion of the project and the first demonstration. 

The application promises better results and excellent user experience, with further improvements planned for future versions, which are currently being studied.

The client was impressed with the application's hybrid capabilities and outcomes in medical consulting, pharmacy services, and lab services.

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