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Making real business intelligence possible using QlikView

Making real business intelligence possible using QlikView

Making real business intelligence possible using QlikView

Long implementation timelines and lack of value delivery had led a major U.S. construction firm to the brink of canceling their internal BI project.

Nuvento implemented a Qlikview solution that provided immediate value while complimenting the existing BI platform for a relatively low cost. And the users? They love it.


Nuvento deployed Qlikview to 250 business analysts, executives, and marketing staff in less than 30 days. With Qlikview, users were able to quickly access and evaluate millions of rows of data from existing sources and rapidly develop new insights within 30 days of deployment, with a user satisfaction score of 95%.

It is estimated that 60% of BI projects end in abandonment or failure and market data confirms that out of the 3 standard project dimensions- time, resources, and scope – timelines and resources typically exceed the initial plan while scope consistently falls short of the of the original expectations and requirements.


In addition, no more than 20% of business users actually use their BI applications proactively, and that a staggering 64% of systems functionalities are rarely or never used. As such, an approach that delivers value early in the project while remaining aligned with business priorities is crucial.


Nuvento’s client, a large U.S. construction firm was encountering a similar situation. The organization had started a BI initiative involving implementation of a new data warehouse and BI platform some 8 months prior to the engagement with Nuvento. The system was to serve executives with high-level scorecards, Sales analysis, Supply Chain analysis, JIT inventory analytics, and finally Service analysis, including dispatch improvement. Nuvento was asked to look at the current implementation and provide solutions to roadblocks that were delaying completion.

Key challenges


  1. The company had decided to implement both a new Oracle BI solution and warehouse at the same time. The BI solution was pointing to existing data sources while the warehouse build was completed. Performance was suffering.
  2. Business was challenged with developing requirements for the warehouse and BI solution. Unable to anticipate the various ways that data would be explored, this led to an IT-driven solution.
  3. When business was presented with completed subject areas, they were unhappy with the structure, as well as the lack of flexibility within the drill-down hierarchies.
  4. Metric calculations did not function properly for various business units. For example, the desire to have one efficiency measure for the company did not translate properly from one business unit to another. The business units were unable to agree to a common metric due to the major differences in the LOB’s.
  5. The business had resorted to accessing source systems directly and extracting data to Excel and Access databases for analysis.
  6. Overruns had led to IT requesting additional funding, which the business was reluctant to provide.

Nuvento Solutions

  • After reviewing the current implementation, Nuvento recognized that the company had made a substantial investment in the new platform, but that the lack of flexibility being experienced by the various business units would not be addressed even by its successful completion. For some areas, the current implementation would be feasible, but a new solution would be required for most of the lines of business. The company could still make use of its existing investment, by, not but complimenting the BI offering with Qlikview from Qliktech.
  • Nuvento performed an analysis of the existing warehouse structure and reports and interviewed business users to better understand their expectations for the new system.
  • Due to the investment that had been placed in the new Oracle platform, it was determined that units requiring relatively static reporting that is updated less frequently would continue down the original path.
  • Of the remaining business units, Nuvento determined that supplying Qlikview with, not to 250 analysts from the various groups would provide immediate value.
  • The company would still make use of the new data warehouse, but data from the warehouse would be staged each day in “QVD” files, which are Qlikview proprietary files that hold data in such a way that it can be loaded into Qlikview very quickly and abstracts the users from the underlying source. Users simply point their Qlikview application to the shared QVD files and explore the data. This means that users are not going directly against the databases, and IT can still govern the solution.
  • Nuvento determined the appropriate data architecture, created the necessary data loading applications, and trained users on the interface.

BI Platform


  1. The adoption rate of the Qlikview users was an astounding 92% after 30 days. While only a subset of employees requiring BI was on the Qlikview platform, the adoption rate for the previous BI solution was only 45%.
  2. User satisfaction scores were 65% higher for Qlikview users. Users loved the interface and reported that they were “excited” to use it every day.
  3. TCO of the BI platform was reduced by 30%. It was no longer necessary to continue aspects of the traditional BI front end, as well as the company was able to cancel the development and maintenance of several complex OLAP cubes. This reduction is even after including the cost of the Qlikview product
  4. Complete ROI was achieved in less than 6 months.


Improved user satisfaction score by 65%

Reduced TCO of BI platform by 30%

Data Source Systems

Application: SAP, NAV    ,  DW/BI: Oracle

Database: Oracle, Excel ,  Hardware: IBM iSeries

What is Qlikview?

Qlikview is a Business Discovery platform. Business Discovery is a concept that differs from traditional BI in that users are not constrained by the limits inherent in large BI implementations that rely on a top-down approach, not- where users must be able to provide IT with the predefined paths that they will follow, or questions that they must formulate ahead of time. Qlikview is capable of pulling data from virtually anywhere and packaging it the way that users are able to probe the information while still protecting critical transactional systems from the undue load. Big datasets can be loaded completely into memory, thereby reducing dependence on indexes or specific types of schemas. The crisp user interface in Qlikview lends itself to deep analysis. Simply put, it functions the way that a business analyst thinks. Qlikview has the best user satisfaction numbers in the industry. Users are also able to easily collaborate on analysis.

Business Results

  1. Using Qlikview’s What-If-Analysis capabilities, the company was able to establish a new goal for inventory turns that is expected to reduce inventory-related overhead by 15% annually.
  2. Through analysis using Qlikview, the company was able to establish the best locations for staging areas, reducing supply shortages by roughly 25%.
  3. Analysis in Qlikview led to a redistribution of territories, resulting in a 15% reduction in transportation time.
  4. These results were achieved within 30 days of user training. It is important to note that it was not necessary to have cubes built or to provide IT will detailed requirements. Users were able to explore the data as loaded from the source systems without special hierarchies being constructed.

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