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Mobile application development case study

An event management app to connect travelers and events in a city


The rise of income of the global middle class and affordable international travel is enabling more people to travel and tour other countries with their family and friends for leisure. In foreign cities, travelers are constantly looking at how they can experience the city’s true vibe and make the most of their stay without having to worry much about budget.  

Reaching out to a primarily foreign audience can be a challenge for most event managers. They must work toward organizing a memorable event as well as finding people to take part in it.  

An opportunity was seen in this gap and a solution was envisioned that brought these requirements on a common platform. It would connect travelers with major events in and around the city, thereby making happy memories for travelers during their time in the city and would let event organizers bring in unique guests for events they’re organizing in the city. 

Customer requirement  

Travelers are sometimes lost in the cities they visit. They’re usually forced to rely on local guides or must follow an itinerary, which may not always let them experience the real vibe of a city.  

Our customer wanted to fill this gap by developing a novel solution. The solution was to let travelers discover what they want to do in a city, where to go and what to visit. The customer wanted Nuvento to build a platform that let event organizers host their events and allowed travelers browse through the events and book tickets to them.  

The customer also aimed to make the mobile application a one-stop solution by enabling travelers to manage their flight and hotel bookings as well.  

Nuvento’s solution 

Nuvento’s solution was an event management platform – with web portals and mobile applications – that allowed multiple organizers to host and manage their events, bookings and ticket redemption. Organizers can add special discounts, have multiple events that cater to different audience types (solo travelers, family travelers) and manage cancellations and the entire transaction on this platform.  

A user mobile application would allow the end user to find these events, book seats, co-ordinate outing plans with friends and find the locations – all on the app itself.  


Benefits of the solution 

  • Travelers can manage travel and stay during a trip on a single platform. 
  • Travelers can identify events of their liking from a list of events and experience the city on their own using the mobile application. 
  • Event organizers can add their events to the platform and easily manage ticket bookings and redemptions and view the status on the platform. 
  • Travelers can find the best events in the city – they can view information like ratings, and price for deciding faster.  
  • Travelers can book tickets, cancel them, make reservations on the mobile application. 
  • Maps make navigation simple and chat feature helps to plan outings with friends. 

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