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Talent and recruitment platform to connect world-class talent with global companies


Services traditional talent platforms deliver are limited. They’ve limitations with candidate vetting and curation of talent they deliver to employers. Traditional methods aim to fill vacancies fast without looking into quality of the talent, and at the employer’s and candidate’s expense. This results in poor talent quality, wasted time and money, long fill times, and bad experiences for the hiring manager and candidate. 

Understanding this, the client wanted Nuvento to build a global talent platform that’d find good talent across portals, vet them for specific skills and match them with the right recruiter.  

Customer requirement 

The client is a talent solution provider who sought to make the hiring process easier for global companies.  They wanted to have a multi-tenant platform for the companies, bringing together recruiting agency, BGC agencies, vetting agencies, and candidates. And it’d be a plug-and-play model hiring platform that integrated vendor management systems, and applicant tracking systems in a transparent process flow.  

The client wanted hiring teams to find in this platform an easy solution that brought them as well as internal as well as external job seekers together helping hiring teams find the most suitable talent for the position.  

Challenges were a lack of:

Our solution

Nuvento delivered on expectations and went even beyond. The solution we developed was an end-to-end talent and recruitment platform where hiring teams, talent solution providers, job seekers, vetting agencies, interviewers and trainers came together to help organizations and skilled workers find the right talent and right job respectively.  

A major differentiator of the platform had to be how trust and quality outcomes were inherent in the form of multiple processes that helped recruiters and job seekers find the most suitable talent and jobs in the market.   

To make the interview process simple and give recruiters an understanding of the candidate’s credentials even before they spoke, we integrated the platform with a Learning Management Systems (LMS) that’d assess their top skills.  

We also integrated online assessment and video conferencing platforms for quick candidate interviews. These platforms facilitated both one-way and two-way mode of candidate assessment. 

Talent can be given badges as an endorsement of a skill. With tier-level job posting, hiring teams can choose who sees the job opening and can use the platform as an internal job portal as well. 

The platform is highly integrable, meaning it could work together with software systems used by recruitment teams and enable the seamlessly management of data. 

Hosted on the cloud, the solution was not only cost effective for the enterprise but it could scale to load to meet changing business demands, while providing a world-class user experience being. 

AI-based processes were also tailored into the platform for resume parsing, candidate matching, quick and efficient candidate vetting and recruiter evaluations vastly improving process efficiencies.  

The portal developed by the Nuvento team overcame the challenges of traditional platforms and enabled hiring teams to find global talent that was pre-vetted and met their unique requirements. 

Project Outcomes

Developed a powerful global talent and hiring platform with AI-based processes delivered securely on the cloud.

Significant improvement in the quality of hires.

Talent sourcing made easy with a transparent system functioning.

Trainable AI models were used on the system to speed up resume parsing, candidate matching and interview processes.

Significant reduction in effort used to manage multiple systems as one portal manages all interactions.

Multi-tier hierarchy for accessing jobs at different levels.

Configurable as internal job portal for clients.

Flexible hierarchy with configurable roles and privileges.

Savings in time and cost.

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