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Telecom BI Solutions for Asset Management and Optimization

Telecom BI Solutions for Asset Management and Optimization

Telecom BI Solutions for Asset Management and Optimization

Asset management and optimization is one of the biggest challenges for a telecom infrastructure company. Monitoring various aspects of the network is critical to reduce operating costs and improve service levels of this emerging communication sector.

Telecom sector in the Asian markets have seen tremendous growth in the last decade. With corporates entering into sharing agreements, the telecom operator companies and infrastructure asset management companies have clearly demarcated roles.

 Infrastructure companies are therefore concentrating on gaining better operator business by constantly monitoring and optimizing their assets by focusing on data delivered from their infrastructure


Nuvento’s customer provides hardware and firmware solutions that provide remote asset management solutions that help infrastructure companies manage telecom towers remotely.


The product was designed to gather performance parameter data from the passive infrastructure usually found in wireless and wire line network sites. The solution was designed to enable operator or infrastructure companies to maintain network uptime, optimize energy costs, reduce overall servicing costs and plug revenue loss.

Key Challenges


  • Data streamed from multiple network sites using hi-tech sensor cum communication module
  • Large data quantity with constant streaming of information that provided network equipment-specific parameters
  • Integrated data available from network operators sourced through XML files
  • Reporting largely based on immediate network operational aspects and was not focused on the larger analytical capabilities
  • Low-cost business intelligence solution required, so as to meet the go-to-market strategies of the customer to penetrate the most competitive market in Asia
  • Needed to receive tower operational data on a daily basis to make quick, informed business decisions



Based on its strong experience and deep understanding in managing large quantities of data, the telecom customer-selected Nuvento’s Business Intelligence (BI) solutions to build its network intelligence and reporting platform. We focused on providing solutions that could mitigate diverse risks, set strong thresholds that ultimately contributed in huge cost savings for the client.

Nuvento Solutions

  • Nuvento used its state-of-the-art in house product BI Report Center that provides web-based reporting, data organization in OLAP models and provides robust and quick analytics solution. 


  • Capabilities to view a series of Customer Patented Key Performance Indicators and Key Quality Indicators, that provided information related to network management, energy management and asset efficiency.


  • Ability to create and include data pivots,2D and 3D graphs over web pages. The Nuvento solution included other features of BI such as advanced data visualizations, data mining, accelerators, query optimization, third-party integration, operational data stores, data warehouses and data marts.


  • The immediate reporting environment was built using 


SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) 

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) 

SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) 

.NET Framework 3.5



  • The reporting solution provided the customer with a comprehensive view of their assets

  • Multi-system data was consolidated and aggregated to provide trends and insights

  • Data streamed and reported using Nuvento product suite led to a cost reduction of more than 60% when compared to similar implementations in the market

  • Features for predictive modelling and detections were enabled 

  • A highly successful implementation roadmap was provided to the customer, with short term objectives focusing on immediate reporting and delivery, while long term objectives focused on managing data using columnar data structures used in managing Big Data

  • Nuvento was able to organize data to view reports within 7 seconds

About Nuvento’s BI solutions

Since its inception in 2007, Nuvento has built strong expertise in Business Intelligence solutions. Apart from providing solutions developed using leading BI partners like Microsoft, Oracle, QlikView and IBM, Nuvento has its own BI product suite to support reporting analytics, ETL and data management activities. To provide its customers with a complete experience, Nuvento also provides consulting, managed and specialized services in the Business Intelligence, Software Architecture and Process Engineering Space.

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