Artificial Intelligence

AI has already disrupted the ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) industry!










Discover How Nuvento Artificial Intelligence can help Investment Planning.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is quite disruptive in nature and will automate many processes which would make complex planning, development and implementation easier and faster across many industries especially in Finance and Investment. Nuvento AI is capable of collecting huge stacks of data and make intelligent investment predictions based on past customer investment behavior and combining it with future trends in investment. An ideal combination of traditional risk-free investment along with latest high-risk high-yield investment maybe what future investors are looking for.

How AI can change investment advisory services?

Financial Advisory firms invest a lot in technology to meet higher and everchanging expectations of customers. Customers are on the lookout for expert tech-driven solutions and immediacy is a critical factor. Nuvento AI can help considerably in minimizing the cost of servicing the client with faster deployment of AI chatbots to service scenarios. AI can access real and relevant customer data and offer immediate, intelligent advisory services based on customer preference. AI can help advisory firms to effectively serve more clients at a lesser transactional cost while contributing to increased margins.

AI has already disrupted the ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) industry!

AI technology-based investment platforms are known to precisely process volatile market data and identify investing opportunities. AI can positively impact investment planning and take your investors far ahead compared to traditional portfolio management services. AI gives positive clues on what to trade, when to trade, how to trade and where to trade; it also provides information about portfolio risk based on observed market signals. AI is capable of processing millions of market signals, news articles, social media posts to produce many hypothetical test portfolios. These are broken down to arrive at daily trade recommendations.

“A lot of the disruptive opportunity will come as a result of 5G taking shape globally,” Chris Hempstead, head of ETF Sales at Deutsche Bank.

We see massive amount of data everywhere. We are going to need more AI!










What will happen when machines take over humans? Artificial Intelligence in Autonomous Devices!

It has always been a good debate topic: when Artificial Intelligence (AI) reaches to a level where intelligent machines take over Human brains, what will happen to humanity. Human brains get taxed due to stressing for mundane tasks, when machines control routine tasks AI wins. Simulation of human intelligence processes by computers is called AI and it has far reaching impact in robotics arena mainly. How far AI revolutionizes in the fields of automating surgeries, AI mutual funds, autonomous cars, innovative apparel technologies, Retail technologies is what matters in the future.

Nuvento AI-innovative and self-evolving prophecy.

Smart technology is self-evolving, question is how much of this should be human driven vs AI driven? AI in autonomous devices wins over when intelligent devices start to act like the user with limited inputs. Users start trusting intelligent devices when the reliability is maximum, which should be the goal of each innovative tech brand. Nuvento is continuously looking at challenges and opportunities in the global tech space. Nuvento Smart tech platforms powered by AI, BigData and ML may use data collected from the IoT to enhance improved decision-making and create higher quality products and services.










Robotics and Artificial Intelligence:

It was demonstrated that computer programs can score 150 on IQ test compared to the maximum human IQ of 200; and is even becoming better as chip technology advances. Tactile Internet for automation is the next buzzword in IoT arena. Humans and machines are interacting with their environment by making use of touch, visual and audio feedback over high speed network connections.

Smarter platforms powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), and increasingly using Big Data and Machine Learning are expected to use the data collected from the Internet of Things (IoT), to enable improved decision-making and deliver higher quality products and services. IoT is already making waves of change in daily life with health tracking devices and intelligent devices which track everything in our home and office; this has huge impact in security surveillance technology. The more and more connected our devices are the more and more simple daily life would be.

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The key technology trends in 2019 is shaping up around Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Starting from IT infrastructure support to developing low cost business applications, AI is going to cast an influence in many industries. It speeds up the DevOps teams to perform precise and accurate root cause analysis and issue resolutions. This combination provides precise customizations and developers are at ease since they don’t have to follow detailed IT workflows.

Specialized Nuvento AI-enabled chips are going to be the trend to perform complex mathematical computations to fasten tasks such as object detection and facial recognition. These chips are optimized for typical scenarios related to computer vision, natural language processing and speech recognition. These applications are going to make positive impacts especially in health care and automobile industries.

Scenario: How AI impacts Automobile Industry?

The growing automobile industry needs high tech innovations to expand its horizons. Customers are always on the lookout for automation features which would augment the business to far reaching heights. How far this automation is achieved depends on how fast the features are implemented across the industry in limited time.

Following are the segments where automation can be enabled to speed up the industry.

  1. Manufacturing: Nuvento Robotic Process Projects can aid in identification of areas where the industry needs improvement in terms of vehicle design and features. Features may include better fuel efficiency, design elements which aids in movements, traffic detection and many more which are tech driven.
  2. Predictive Maintenance: This is a core area which would considerably enhance revenue streams of automobile industry. This eliminates hassles involved in remembering the service due dates, and customers always vote for brands which offer proactive preventive measures. Service centers these days are on the lookout for increasing revenues but most of their efforts often result in customer dissatisfaction. Their efforts to reach customers over the telephone often goes in vain but Nuvento AI chatbots can help the industry considerably to improve customer satisfaction. Chatbots can inform customers about service due dates and information about other maintenance schedules at the right time.
  3. Insurance Claims Settlement: Nuvento Insurance Claims Solution offers benefits like reduced claims processing times and faster resolution. Paper documentation is eliminated with emerging digital technologies which improves the SLAs and improves workflows.


Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.Benjamin Franklin.

Showing Industries what high tech revolutionaries can envision to change.

Understanding customer’s needs is vital to developing any business strategy in Insurance Industry. Customer interactions if kept short, relevant and productive can yield better results. Carefully designed customer interactions while helping the customer choose/change the plan, or while advising the existing customer to understand their coverage can prove as beneficial in the long run. Preventing customer churn is possible by tactical deployment of Nuvento AI chatbots. The churn prediction model comes to use while predicting the tendency of customers to churn. Information criteria like household and financial data, transactional data, behavioral data, competition metrics etc. are integrated with chatbots to frame churn pattern and intervene in conversation to prevent customer churn at the right time.

Insurance Chatbots has huge potential to be more efficient to deliver personalized experiences than any other customer service solution in a data intensive industry such as Insurance. AI powered chatbots from Nuvento help you anticipate your customer needs at the right time and at the right pace. Prompt responses can yield greater result in terms of retention.

How Insurance chatbots help retain your customers:

  1. By Generating proactive alerts/ notifications:

Forgotten due dates of premium payment is a key indicator where customer churns to competition. Negligence from a human agent who converses with the customer based on system generated data can be eliminated using AI chatbots. AI chatbots can automate this reminding task by generating proactive payment alerts/notifications and avoid human agent intervention thus minimising errors.

     2.Intelligent Virtual Insurance Advisor:

Busy customers may not always entertain repeated telephone calls from your human agent who calls the customer for cross-selling purpose or reminding about premium due-date. Chatbots on the other hand can do all these; explaining policies, clarifying doubts and more importantly chatbots can lead customers to fill online forms which may help in cross-selling a plan. A chatbot who acts as an intelligent virtual assistant can prevent frustrating the customer and thus prevent churn.

    3.Reducing Claim processing time:

Increased claim processing time is a cause for higher churn. Nuvento AI claims solution noticeably reduces claims processing time. Speed and efficiency of operations is one area which benefits the most with Artificial intelligence deployment in Insurance business. Our chatbot not only reduces claims processing delay but also minimizes time required in other operations as well. Speed in operations and grievance redressal is a key area where chatbot can contribute. A human agent may not always be available to reply to numerous customer queries and non-response can lead to customer moving out to competition. Chatbots are available 24/7 and ensure each customer query is addressed.

     4.Flawless product knowledge:

Your best human agent can forget vital information about an insurance plan but AI chatbots gather data from each customer interaction and business knowledge database, stores records and help the customer with their product queries.

Last but not the least, instant and proactive customer service using Nuvento Chatbots is the crucial factor in retaining your valuable customers who maybe lost to competition at any point of time in the customer lifecycle.

Creating Crucial Business DifferentiatorsExpansion in next-gen cognitive technologies across areas encompassing Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing and machine learning has far-reaching impacts on business, economy and global communities in general.

Data analytics and artificial intelligence is the combined back-bone of any progressive business.Gaining a competitive edge in this fiercely competitive tech-ecosystem needs new strategies that are driven by Cognitive Intelligence and Applied AI.

Applied AI (artificial intelligence) with advanced NLP , Machine Learning and Chatbots already made a mark across industries by creating critical business differentiators resulting in a better top line or optimized bottom line. Nuvento uses advanced analytical techniques and uses its in-house proprietary algorithms to empower progressive businesses with faster and large-scale evidence-based decision making.

How Nuvento Applied AI can transform your Insurance Business

1. CUSTOMISED INSURANCE PRODUCTS: We use the power of Image Analytics, Predictive modelling, Machine learning to analyze millions of images , claims settlement details, data patterns to build models for FNOL , customer management, Claims advisory, billing and operations management. 

2.Improving Sales, Underwriting and Policy Service: New Customer experiences can be created through newer  digital channels based on prescriptive analytics patterns that are based on data and AI. Our models are trained to use AI to find out customer behavior patterns, purchase trends, complaints history etc. Our AI Solutions are designed to have considerable time & money which is otherwise spent on tedious underwriting process.

Key Goals of the Nuvento Analytics & Applied AI Platform:

  • Business Proactivity & Need Identification: Nuvento Analytics & Applied AI helps businesses to predict the customer needs accurately and thereby optimise customer experiences across multiple platforms. This helps brands to curate services and products and market them and engage customers. Nuvento Predictive Analytics combined with Applied AI can have far reaching impacts in many business critical areas like finance, operations and R&D. We use our in-house algorithms in Prescriptive and Predictive analytics users to identify high-value customers and market the right kind of offer which results in closing of deals much easily.
  • Mitigating Risks & Fraud: Nuvento Analytics & Applied AI  with advanced Machine Learning and Social network Analysis has helped in identifying risk and targeting specific fraud instances well in advance and is extremely useful in reducing false positive  in financial institutions with large real-time transactions.
  • Customization: Real-time interactive response to reach customer delight threshold is possible through Nuvento Analytics & Applied AI. Customization in a multi channel service environment is achievable by understanding customer attitudes precisely. This applies across numerous industries including insurance where businesses are heading towards creating customized products by deploying AI solutions.

Data & Analytics Sciences has  transformational power for any entity, however most businesses are leveraging only a fraction of its total value. Many tech enterprises are still struggling to take a leap forward to reach the ideal state of flexible and innovative data architecture that can get the most out of big data and analytics.

Impact of Applied Artificial Intelligence in marketing arena is tremendous and estimated to  reach more than $150 billion by 2025.

AI Enabled Chatbots from Nuvento are known to harness the  powerful combination of predictive analytics and applied AI to create almost human like experiences. A truly intelligent Chatbot must have a degree of Cognitive Intelligence.  Our core focus is to harness the visual power of Social Conversations to provide a truly human like interaction , and to do this our AI competency center uses our in-house decision making models in store and accelerators for image processing, video analytics, social media analytics and  device integrated bots.


AI-claims-blogThe insurance industry seems to be still lagging behind in exploring AI  opportunities which are still hidden across the globe. Particularly considering Insurance Business, investment in AI is only 1.33% whereas investment in software and internet technologies is a whopping figure, 32%! Insurance market still seems to be dominated by a multitude of national and international brands and legacy product portfolios have evolved insignificantly overtime. Customer experience is a vital area which is still struggling because of lack of clever innovation in this industry be it on product side or process side. Nuvento AI solutions contributes significantly towards innovating this industry through a systematic, problem solving approach spanning across all business functions. By deploying a clever and appropriate problem solving AI based approach you can improve results, productivity and ultimately the firm’s profitability.

It is estimated that on an average, 2 out of 3 VEHICLE insurance claims can be “underpaid” if the claims are paid within 48 hrs. “I want everything right now” is the trend in this fast and insanely tech-oriented era; in such a scenario it might look easy to simply upload photos using a cell phone to your insurance company so that estimate process speeds up and customer can accomplish repair fast enough. Nuvento AI Claim solution uses image analysis and predictive analytics tools; VEHICLE Insurance companies can now provide instant damage estimates and rapid processing of claims based on uploaded accident photos, which will help them to reduce claim expenses and time by 50%.

Key Benefits Include:

  1. Reduced claims processing time: Nuvento AI claims solution noticeably reduces claims processing time. Speed and efficiency of operations is one area which benefits the most with Artificial intelligence deployment in Insurance business. Following are the key areas that would help you reduce claims processing time:
  • Real-Time Benefits Verification: This feature considerably reduces the processing time of insurance claims. This avoids long duration phone calls and long holds in processing claim documents.
  • Electronic Billing: Electronic claim submission is the growing trend which saves considerable time in mundane tasks which involves processing huge amounts of paper claim documents.
  • Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA)
  1. Increase carrier profitability:  Profitability is directly proportional to faster claims processing which has a direct impact on overall productivity and smooth operations. Predictive analytic tools used by Nuvento is found to be very efficient in faster claims processing.
  2. Better Customer experience : Human intervention is considered to be minimal with more than 85% customer interactions predicted to be managed using AI. Nuvento AI claims processing solution automates the tedious claims processing and saves considerably on time and cost.
  3. Increase customer retention: Better customer retention scores are one of the most critical deliverable with the deployment of Nuvento AI claims processing solution. Happy customers are the assets to any progressive and innovative insurance brand. Happier the customer, higher would be the retention rate. No one likes to wait for weeks and months to get the claim processed.
  4. Increase claim accuracy: Claim accuracy is expected to be the maximum with minimal human intervention, to err is human, AI can considerably minimize errors in otherwise manual claims processing.

Dramatic waves of change in tech arena are shaping and shaking the insurance sector worldwide. Futuristic insurers just don’t wait and watch, they invest in sophisticated AI solutions provided by progressive tech brands like Nuvento in order to be more and more customer centric, improve pricing and create operational efficiencies.