Emerging trends in cloud computing – Hybrid Cloud, Mobile enablement and much more.

What is it that you look for while adopting Cloud Technology for your business?

 Is it just cost reduction that you expect, or Agility, innovation and Speed in all your business processes?

Cloud Computing influences the finest of brands, be it Webmail, Flickr, Google Docs or Dropbox, accessing unique web applications becomes simpler and faster each day.

Cloud computing or Internet Computing in simple words is a technology which allows users to store their data on cloud and avail the benefits of on demand high quality applications and services from a shared pool of configurable computing services. Users get the benefit of accessing the cloud computing services/resources from anywhere through their preferred platform which can be a cellphone, desktop, laptop or a mobile computing platform.

Why cloud computing companies like Nuvento invest a lot in this technology to make it more popular?

Reason 1: Cloud computing considerably reduces cost, owning and operating computers and network becomes less complex.

Reason 2: Cloud Computing considerably increases efficiency of your business by freeing resources to invest more time on innovation and new product development.

Reason 3: Businesses are volatile, the needs change often. Cloud Computing allows businesses to share computing services remotely and the shared pool of computing resources can be scaled up or down based on ever changing business needs.

Microsoft Azure cloud services can replace your on-premise servers.

Public cloud computing platform like Azure is commonly used for analytics, virtual computing, storage and networking. It is mainly infrastructure as a Service and Platform as a Service. Public Cloud platforms are cost effective for disaster recovery since they allow you to copy data to their servers and you pay only for data stored. Many cloud solutions providers are developing Software as a Service strategy to help businesses improve their overall efficiency. Azure applications are widely used across industries like Healthcare, Financial services, Government, Retail, Manufacturing. Azure cloud migration services simplify on-premise database migration to the cloud. Moving applications to the cloud has far-reaching benefits such as scalability, reliability and reduced costs.

Emerging trends in cloud computing

  • Industry Specific Cloud: Businesses are looking for cloud services which are specific to address their current challenges at a faster pace mostly real-time. They can now set-up cloud environment which gives them flexibility to store their data securely in an off-site server and users can access the data from any device. For instance, insurance businesses communicate directly with customers through chatbots and apps instead of phone calls; insurance specific cloud services provided by Nuvento provide secure data storage and transaction platforms and offers the scalability which insurance business requires.
  • Mobile enablement can be the key driver for opportunities in Cloud: Most people use mobile devices, mainly because these are democratic which makes computing more accessible. Technologies such as bYOD (Bring your own device) opens even more opportunities for cloud computing by offering migration of applications and storing data.
  • Big Data as an enormous distributed storage system: Big data consolidates data from various resources in a huge distributed storage system. Cloud infrastructure management services develops and manages infrastructure to process distributed queries across multiple datasets and returns results faster. Building and owning such an infrastructure can be costly and that is why businesses turn to cloud computing providers.
  • Using containers and orchestration of workload from development to production: Containers rely on virtual isolation to deploy and run applications, these access a shared operating system. Containerisation is still the latest trend in development and deployment. This enables applications to be run without launching an entire virtual machine.
  • Machine Learning Optimized platforms, IoT architectures: Cloud AI services enhance your business by making accurate predictions. Lots of IoT cloud solutions can be chosen from Azure for example Azure Internet of Things. These cloud AI solutions are powered by bigdata for predictions to be even more accurate.
  • Function-as-a-Service and Serverless platforms: Server management is one of the complex issues faced by businesses, Nuvento cloud computing services can relieve the server management pain points, clever algorithms and user-friendly systems can take your business to new heights. You don’t have to worry about resource management, Nuvento will power your server management process.

A combination of cloud native software products and services along with improved on-premises compute to fabricate a unique hybrid IT solution would balance scalability and flexibility in scaling up your business. Cloud computing is an ongoing process, we cannot expect revolutionary results overnight. Software startups are working on clever cloud solutions which are seamless and integrates into your business processes gradually and results can be mind-blowing. It is a long Journey from a “server” mind to “server-less” mind, Nuvento can provide easy strategies to simplify your business systems, better manage your servers in a cost-effective way and move your applications to cloud in a secure way.

Investment in IT Infrastructure is a huge headache for many businesses, no matter big or small. This often results in deviating from the main business goals. Without compromising on your business productivity there is a way to reduce this expenditure and still enjoy the benefits of world class tech network and infrastructure. Nuvento Cloud helps you do it!

Moving your business data and applications to a more secure Cloud platform which can be accessed from any device, anywhere, anytime is called Migration. Your business can achieve Scalability using Cloud Infrastructure Management Services. Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) delivers virtualized computing resources over the internet. Other categories of Nuvento cloud computing services are software as a service (SaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS).

Amazon Web Services (AWS) – What exactly is it?

Amazon, the parent company launched AWS in 2006, in the Web Services category for providing Cloud Computing Services. It provides on-demand cloud computing platforms to businesses on a pay-as-you-go basis. Many governments are also reaping the benefits of AWS, no doubt, Cloud is making their IT applications safer and stronger.

There are dedicated Server Farms across the world through which Amazon maintains and implements AWS technology. Fee is based on usage, independently or in combination. Subscribers pay for a single virtual AWS computer or clusters of physical computers, in different combinations. Cloud computing companies like Nuvento which deploys AWS ensures safety and security in all your data and applications which are migrated from on-premise to cloud. AWS cloud is much safer compared to your on-premise systems which are prone to crash and damage, and loss of data which can be detrimental to your business. AWS allows subscribers to achieve large scale computing capacities easily and efficiently.

Advantages of Cloud over on-premise systems:

  • No more additional costs to power and maintain on-premise servers, cloud allows you to reduce your energy costs.
  • You can avoid huge licencing costs and upfront investments by choosing the right Cloud based servers.
  • Cloud based server hosting is based on a Pay-as-you-go model which ensures operational efficiency.
  • Cloud based servers always keep you updated and competitive, provider updates are relayed regularly along with service management options.

Why Migrate to Cloud?

In this fast-paced business environment there is no such question like Why Migrate to Cloud. Your business cannot expect your workforce which is scattered across the globe to meet at a single office or share the same office space to collaborate and work on your IT projects. This involves tremendous costs and cloud-based hosting and sharing can drastically eliminate this kind of costs.

Potential Benefits:

  • In order to meet the increasing business demand, resources need to be scaled and cloud can make it possible more easily and efficiently.
  • Establishing a robust disaster recovery system for an entire data center can turn out to be very expensive, cloud-based recovery systems can be implemented easily and ensures better control.
  • Cloud eases your client’s challenges involved in setting up multi-geographic tech infrastructure as part of expansion strategy.

AWS Migration – few quick and easy steps:

Step 1: Planning and Assessment 

Assessment involves Technical/Functional, Financial, and Security/Compliance factors. 

  • Technical/Functional: Order, Speed and Priority in which data/applications should be moved from on-premise to the cloud should be assessed. Other assessments include determining the type of applications to be moved to the cloud, assessing the capability of cloud infrastructure and finding out if existing resource management and configuration tools can be reused.
  • Financial: Detailed study to evaluate on-premises cost which includes, server and storage costs, network cost and IT labour costs should be carried out. This is then compared with Cloud based infrastructure costs and cost of moving data to AWS cloud is estimated.
  • Security/Compliance: Assessing the threats and risks involved in maintaining the confidentiality of your data is very crucial. Evaluate the security certificates and regular upgrade options. Need to check whether Cloud allows options to retrieve data back to your on-premise servers upon request.

Step 2: Migration Tools

This includes Amazon managed cloud data migration tools like direct connect, snowball, storage gateway, technology partnerships, kinesis firehouse etc. There are friendly interfaces which integrate existing process flows like recovery/backup.

Step 3: AWS Cloud Storage Options

Decision to be taken regarding which storage option to choose from the various available options. This is based on many factors like cost, durability, response time, availability, accessibility, consistency etc.

Step 4: Migration Strategies

Strategies vary based on how big your system and the size of your applications are. Many self-contained applications are moved to the cloud at one shot and you don’t have to worry too much about IT infrastructure. Then there is a hybrid migration strategy where only some portion of applications is chosen to be moved to the cloud and optimized. This is a low-risk approach though time consuming and is suitable for huge systems with various applications.

Step 4: Application Migration Options

Options include host cloning, live migration, data migration, app containerization, VM conversion.

So, if you want to catch up with your competition in this highly volatile tech era, a thoughtful decision to migrate to cloud should not be delayed. Benefits can be summarized as access to modern IT infrastructure facilities, lower costs, increased scalability and business agility, improved disaster recovery and security features. On premises to cloud migration would happen swiftly with our level of expertise and years of experience. 

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There are manifold Possibilities of Cloud Computing. You are posting a tweet or updating your Facebook status, checking your bank account or sending e-mails to peers. You are in the cloud while doing all these, that much is the influence of Cloud Computing in our daily lives!

Forget the past when your business used to spend majorly on maintaining on-premise servers and upgrading them. You used to crash your IT budget and conveniently forget in investing in marketing and other functions which are critical for your business growth in the long run. Cloud computing services can help you alleviate all these money hassles. It is based on a subscription model or simply put, Pay-as-You-go Service.

Yes, you heard it right! Nuvento Cloud computing packs more punch compared to your traditional on-premise systems. Don’t feel left-out amongst your competitors, the cloud gives you access to enterprise-class technology at rock bottom prices! Businesses are rallying to be part of the bigger and better Cloud Universe, so make your move now before it is too late! Before you say “Just don’t leave me alone” you can be part of that futuristic and highly promising Cloud Computing sphere.

What are your business Enigmas? It can be these

Is my Data Safe and Secure?

You don’t have to worry about lost data from a stolen laptop, Nuvento cloud securely stores your critical data and you can retrieve it from any device, anytime. You don’t have to shed a lot of dollars on maintaining internal servers, cloud infrastructures are more secure. Cloud based systems have demonstrated world-class security best practices which are monitored and implemented by experts. Automatic software updates are rolled out on a regular basis and you seldom waste time on all these maintenances.

How far Cloud increases flexibility & efficiency?

Cloud allows your business to grow and scale up based on market demands. Cloud is not rigid, based on your business needs cloud capacity can be scaled up and down easily. Flexibility is an inherent quality of Cloud Computing. Your operational agility is substantially enhanced, and businesses continually adopt Cloud for this reason. There is rarely any lock-in period when it comes to cloud computing, unlike on-premise servers which would want you to purchase long-term licences and additional investment on hardware. So, you are at an advantage with Cloud migration services on a hardware and software level efficiency.

Few other Benefits of Moving to the Cloud

Cloud enhances employee productivity by encouraging Telecommute

Cloud enables your workforce to work from anywhere they wish. With the most modern apps provided by cloud computing services, your employees are not ever restricted by device limitations. Telecommuting or Telework has tremendous benefits including increased productivity, reduced operational costs, and improved work-life balance.

Many progressive businesses are encouraging telecommute to save on costs and improve workforce morale. Cloud service providers contribute heavily to this progressive work culture phenomenon by giving your workforce the freedom to work from anywhere they wish at any time.

Cloud Computing ensures greater control over your documents and data

Hit your productivity goals by allowing the cloud to better exercise control over your data and documents. For projects involving a larger team, conflicts are quite common when it comes to online document collaboration.

Earlier, your workforce used to create documents and files and send it across to peers as email attachments for further actions. This is time consuming and takes a hit on your overall business productivity. On the other hand, the cloud allows impermeable document control. Your workforce continues to work on documents and collaborate online using cloud-based workflow and advanced file sharing apps, without any conflicts.

The larger the team, greater would be the need for better control on your documents and data. The scope of complication manifolds when small businesses operate on a global purview. Moving applications to the cloud ensures your documents are stored centrally and is visible to the team who operate from places around the globe to act upon. This increases task productivity by ensuring smoother collaboration.

Cloud enables intelligent disaster recovery

Cloud enables the recovery of critical technology infrastructure and systems which could have been damaged by a natural or human induced disaster. Smaller businesses are increasingly implementing cloud-based backup and recovery solutions which considerably saves time and avoid huge up-front investments. Your documents stay safe over the cloud and can be accessed from any other device in the case of a tech disaster.

Microsoft Azure Cloud makes it possible for small businesses to continuously innovate and turn futuristic ideas into solutions.

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