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Chatbot for employees to boost their productivity  

CASIE is a chatbot for employees to optimize their performance with self-service capabilities and training on the go  

Cognitive assisted smart intelligent employee (CASIE) is a cloud-based chatbot for employee assistance and training. It leverages the enterprise’s knowledge and service sources to deliver training and self-service support to your employees.   

This chatbot for employees is integrable with your company’s database, project management platforms and social channels, and uses intelligence and cognition to provide real-time support and information to employees.  As for front-facing chat and collaboration platforms, CASIE integrates with Facebook, MS Teams, Slack, WhatsApp, Skype and much more.    

Business owners can use the platform to train their staff and power up employee independence at the workplace without affecting existing operations.  

How CASIE lets your workforce focus on productive tasks

User intent and context capture

CASIE’s system captures users’ intent and responds according to the context of the questions raised in employee chatbot. With quick access to the right answers, your employees can spend more time in productive work.

Continuous language development

CASIE’s natural language processing capabilities can understand and respond to questions with typos, slang and so on. It continuously learns nuances of a language from communications, letting your employees communicate freely with the system.

Learns from experience

CASIE is a continuously self-learning chatbot to assist with HR queries, IT service requests or any internal employee request. It learns from manual responses to questions. This way, in time, employees’ queries will get full-rounded responses so they can solve the challenges they face themselves.

Complex problem-solving

CASIE is developed to enable busy employees to solve their problems fast. Its self-learning system helps it to learn and draw the right data to help employees solve their complex problems. If it cannot answer a particular question, it probes the employee to get details and takes the help of a human agent and delivers the answer.

Use the learning to reason

When CASIE does not know the answer to certain questions, it will direct the question to the human team. CASIE will learn from human answers to the question, create more accurate questions to understand what the employee wants, enabling itself to reason as well as answer queries posed by the employee.

Image recognition

CASIE can analyze complex data sets, including images, letting employees forward visual documents for queries they find challenging to explain.

HR Chatbot: 


CASIE can be your AI-powered HR chatbotIts natural language understanding abilities enable it to effectively interpret language facets, such as typosin employees’ questions, walk them through processes and process common HR requests. CASIE is powerful tool that organizations can leverage to streamline repetitive HR operations, apart from simplifying HR processes such as: 


  • Answering employees’ FAQs 
  • Assisting in real-time HR ticketing 
  • Simplifying employee onboarding and offboarding 
  • Streamlining and automating routine employee workflows 


CASIE’s HR management capabilities can take care of various aspects of the recruitment process, effectively manage question influx resulting from organizational changesimprove remote employees’ access to the HR and much more 


Easy to integrate

Enable your employees with a smart solution that supports them on the platforms they use. CASIE can integrate with an organization’s existing employee portals such as project management platforms and service desks as well as popular chat platforms.

Custom-fit to your employees’ needs

CASIE can be trained to answer questions in any service line of your business. You can deploy CASIE as an HR chatbot to optimize your HR operations or an IT support bot to reduce the number of your IT service tickets and it doesn’t end there.

Inbuilt AI capabilities

CASIE leverages advanced NLP algorithms, machine learning, image analytics, context setting, sentiment modeling and intelligent capabilities to identify an employee’s specific challenge and converse like a human to resolve the issue at hand.

Proactive alerts and reports

CASIE can proactively alert your employees to complete any pending tasks or steps required to complete mandatory processes. It can even help them get their reports faster, without them having to pull it from separate portals.

Cross-channel experience

CASIE delivers consistent experience to its users across all channels of interaction. Employees can use the platform on their mobile phones as well as their desktops or handheld devices.

Data security first

CASIE is built with security in mind. When it plugs into your system, it follows all compliances such as GDPR compliance as well as organizational access policies while fetching the information it needs to generate, keeping the organization’s security intact.

Featured Customer Success Story

AI-powered on-the-job training assistant for a sports enterprise

A popular sports client envisioned having a portal that delivered real-time on-the-job support and training via a chatbot to their employees. They wanted the system to perform as a one-stop solution that provides appropriate responses when asked simple questions.

Leveraging Nuvento’s CASIE platform, we built an integrated data framework that included the data from work platforms, social channels, and so on. When employees required assistance on a specific query, they’d have to ask a question on the chatbot and the intelligent system would fetch the appropriate answer from the data sources and share it with the employee.

Significant reduction in dependency on individuals

Reduced continued training efforts by 40%

Significant hours of waiting time saved

Improved employee efficiency and productivity



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