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Cloud Managed Services

Ramp up the potential of enterprise solutions with reliable and proven cloud services

Modernize your applications, make workloads scalable, optimize data and databases, apply analytics on the go, build powerful AI and ML models, make real-time improvements to your security and pay only for what you use with the world-class cloud managed services of Nuvento.    

Our cloud managed service practice helps to migrate and maintain your business infrastructure on the cloud. If certain workloads cannot be migrated, we re-engineer them on the cloud, so you face minimal disruptions. And if you’ve already moved to the cloud, we look at loopholes and optimize your existing processes, so you get the most of your cloud investments.    

Whether your workloads are on Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS platforms, we align your cloud strategy with your business goals.     

End-to-End Cloud Managed Services

Cloud technology can enable your business to reduce your time-to-market and help your resources concentrate on mainstream activities that have more business value. Our cloud managed services can benefit your organization in reducing IT complexity, improving productivity, and scaling flexibly to meet the shifting market demand.

Cloud Strategy and Consulting

We create a robust cloud adoption strategy and chart the fastest and safest course to cloud. Our cloud consultants guide you on the must-dos to reach desired business outcomes. This includes prioritizing which workloads to move, how to move them, which solutions are best suited to reach your business goals, and more. .

Cloud Migration Consulting

Migrate your existing data, applications, and processes to the cloud without impacting your business. Nuvento’s cloud migration consultants focus on enterprise-centric strategy, roadmap, and infrastructure set up to determine the migration approach that works best for your organization.

Cloud Cost Management

Get your cloud spend under control with Nuvento’s Cloud Cost Management services. We help you bring certainty to expenditure on your multiple cloud platforms by accurately allocating resources on the cloud. We then keep you on top of who is spending on what, help you stay on budget and optimize cloud spend and utilization.

Cloud Application Development

We deploy cloud applications at scale, letting you use the best of private, public, hybrid and multi cloud frameworks in your enterprise for driving business results. Our certified cloud service experts can design and build your SaaS solutions, ensuring security and scalability, while optimizing your users’ experience, maximizing your RoI.

Enterprise Cloud Security

Get ahead of the threats to your enterprise’s cloud security framework and protect your revenue, information, and infrastructure. With regular audits and performance maintenance activities, we keep your cloud service offerings updated and therefore safe from even the fastest evolving threats.

Cloud Data and Analytics

Nuvento’s cloud service providers implement data and analytics components on public, private, hybrid or multi cloud. We enable scalability of analytics capabilities while reducing costs on on-premise hardware and implementation. Our cloud data and analytics services allow your teams to meet your business intelligence requirements regardless of the service provider.

Nuvento Cloud Managed Services Partnership

Nuvento Cloud Managed Services Partnership

Cloud management is complex and managing your enterprise’s cloud strategies and management yourself can have your team running into several challenges. This is where you need an experienced cloud managed service provider like Nuvento to help you enhance your cloud management – making your cloud journey agile and easy to manage.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure: Expand the limits of your current computing capabilities and build, manage, and deploy your IT infrastructure on the powerful Azure cloud platform. We’re a Microsoft Partner and we optimize your opportunities by leveraging Azure’s industry-leading cloud computing capabilities.

Amazon AWS

Amazon AWS: Amazon Web Services is a comprehensive cloud platform, offering over 175 fully-featured services from data centers globally. Whichever industry you belong to, our expertise lets us effectively build your solutions on AWS letting you lower your costs, become more agile, and innovate faster. 


Our cloud consulting services provide a strategic roadmap and end-to-end cloud services from initial assessment to successful management and performance optimization on cloud. 



Conceptualizing, experimenting and feasibility testing are done to move forward with cloud projects that meet your business goals. Our team develops use cases, assesses high-level solutions, and tests different solutions through experiments.



The team comes up with architectural designs and deployment strategies. Application consolidation and cloud resource mapping are carried out to obtain resilient solutions, based on the planned design and deployment strategies.



Solutions derived during the planning phase are advanced by executing on the detailed design and planning documents. Our team will ensure there are minimal risks and steady transitions while realizing the solution in production.



Our team implements key activities like operational best practices to keep your cloud projects always optimized.  By reviewing and enhancing existing processes and technologies, we optimize your cloud journey in an organized manner.

Benefits of Nuvento's Cloud Managed Services

Why Cloud Managed Services? 

Our cloud managed services give your business uninterrupted continuity and performance to stay ahead in a highly competitive market. As an end-to-end cloud managed service provider, we take complete ownership of your cloud journey. Agility, zero disruption, more security, compliance with global standards, intelligent workflow, and network management, IT modernization, data intelligence, and analytical reporting are what Nuvento offers through our cloud managed services. 

Cloud Computing and Consulting Services

Nuvento provides cloud consulting services that accelerate and revolutionize IT ecosystems, empowering organizations to thrive in their business ventures. Our team of skilled professionals delivers efficient and effective cloud consulting services and strategies, fostering agility and competitiveness in organizational operations.

We help businesses advance and offer all necessary cloud computing services and help maintain their cloud servers, data warehouses, databases, networking, software, and apps. Our cloud solutions and strategy will help organizations improve their performance and minimize their IT resource demands, resulting in increased efficiency. It also helps to reduce time-to-market and cut costs.

Our Technology Expertise

Expertise in Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS

Certified experts, cross-functional team of 150+ experts

ISO 9001:2015 & 27001:2013 Certified Company

Competitive rates for all cloud services

Proven track record of successful project delivery

12+ years of experience in Data and Cloud Technologies

Why Clients Choose Us for Cloud Consulting Services

12+ years’ experience

24/7 Support

Reduce Migration Risk

120 digital experts

On-time Delivery

Rapid Deployment of Cloud Services

Why Clients Choose us for Cloud Services

12+ years’ experience

24/7 Support

120 digital experts

On-time Delivery

Rapid Deployment of Cloud Services

Reduce Migration Risk

Cloud Consulting Service That Drives Digital Transformation

Cloud Consulting Service For Digital Transformation


How is cloud data managed?

Simply moving your data to the cloud won’t help you manage it. For managing data on the cloud successfully, you first need to create a blueprint of the how you’re going to transfer your data from your existing sources – ETL/ELT. Next, you need to ensure the data has no errors and is accurate. It also helps to back-up your data regularly – but if you are using the services offered by a leading CSP, you’re covered there. And last, ensure you have a data governance policy in place.

What does a cloud consultant do?

A cloud consultant designs, implements, migrates or maintains cloud applications, processes, and computing systems for an organization. Cloud consulting services will help businesses in choosing the right cloud technologies that can work together efficiently and produce the best return on their technology investment.

What are cloud-managed IT services?

When business owners do not have the expertise to administer and manage every component in the cloud environment, through cloud-managed IT services. This lets business owners focus on their business’ core activities. Certified cloud administrators simplify your business process and reduce the IT budget significantly.

What are the benefits of moving to the cloud?

Cloud migration can be beneficial for your business in the following aspects:

  • Cost efficiency.
  • Scalability.
  • Security.
  • Quick Disaster Recovery.
  • Promotes remote working.
  • Boosts collaboration.
  • Saves time.
  • Always up-to-date.
  • Focused on futuristic technologies.
What is cloud strategy consulting?

If your business is looking forward to leveraging the power of the cloud, you need a robust design and proper strategy. With the right cloud strategy consulting services, scaling up or down your business to meet the ever-evolving business requirements can be met flexibly. Proper cloud strategy consulting will address the different business necessities and opportunities that are unique to your business.

How should I prepare for cloud migration?

Following are the major preparations you should consider before starting your cloud adoption journey:

  • Create the migration-architect role.
  • Choose the required degree of cloud integration.
  • Select a single cloud or go multi-cloud.
  • Set cloud APIs.
  • Frame performance standards.
  • Prioritize migration of each component.
  • Carry out refactoring, if any.
  • Generate a data migration plan
  • Switch over production.
  • Analyze application resource allocation.
Should I move to the cloud?

On-premise hosting can be expensive and takes a lot of time and effort to keep pace with market demand and growth. Cloud migration can help in cutting IT capital and operational costs, in addition to the flexibility and scalability of your business under the changing business conditions. The competition is getting fierce and the cloud has been quite a revolution in the IT industry. Organizations are eager to move to the cloud and therefore if your business needs to have a competitive edge, moving to the cloud can be definitely an ideal choice.

How do I choose a cloud provider?

Factors to consider before picking a cloud service provider:

  • Certifications and standards.
  • Technologies and service roadmap.
  • Data security, data governance, and other policies.
  • Service reliance and partnerships.
  • Contracts and SLAs.
  • Performance and dependability.
  • Migration support, vendor lock, and exit planning.
  • Company profile.
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