Modernize your workloads, manage your data and databases, modernize your application, apply analytics, build powerful AI and ML models and improve your security leveraging worldclass cloud infrastructure 

Nuvento provides a comprehensive suite of cloud services to power charge your journey to cloud. Adopt the best practices of Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS platforms combined with our in-house infrastructure to gain better time-to-market advantage.  


Cloud Strategy and Consulting

Chart the fastest and safest course to cloud with a robust cloud adoption strategy. We guide you through your cloud migration journey, giving guidance on what to move to reach a desirable outcome, how to move it and which cloud infrastructures are best suited to reach your business goals.


Cloud Migration

Migrate your existing data, solutions and processes to the cloud without impacting your business. We focus on enterprise-centric strategy, roadmap and infrastructure setup to determine the migration approach which works best for your organization.


Cloud Managed Services

Make effective cloud management a key priority in your organization with us as your managed service provider. Ease operational and security complexities and fulfill your cloud requirements right from deployment and security to cloud infrastructure management, business continuity and migration.


Cloud Application Development

Deploy cloud applications with leading-edge technology and use the best of private, public and hybrid cloud frameworks. We can design and build Saas, PaaS and IaaS solutions that scale, ensure security and optimize your users’ experience thereby maximizing your RoI.


Enterprise Cloud Security

Get ahead of the threats to your cloud security framework and protect your revenue, information and infrastructure. With regular audits and performance maintenance activities, we keep your cloud frameworks updated and therefore safe from the fastest evolving threats.


Cloud Data and Analytics

Implement data and analytics components on public, private or hybrid cloud and enable scalability of analytics capabilities while reducing costs on on-premise hardware and implementation. Our services allow your teams to meet your business intelligence requirements regardless of service provider.

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Microsoft Azure

Expand the limits of your current computing capabilities and build, manage and deploy your applications anywhere using our services on the Azure platform. We can have you using your preferred languages, frameworks, and infrastructure—even your own datacenter and other clouds. With Azure, you have everything you need to build your next best solution.

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Amazon AWS

Amazon Web Services is a comprehensive cloud platform, offering over 175 fully featured services from data centers globally. Whichever industry you belong to, our expertise lets us effectively build your solutions on AWS lowering costs, becoming more agile, and innovating faster.

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