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Migrate to Azure cloud with confidence

Create a highly customized Azure migration strategy and implementation roadmap with your Azure experts

Migrate to Microsoft Azure with Nuvento and leverage the benefits of Azure cloud

Move your apps, data, and infrastructure to Azure confidently with Nuvento’s Azure cloud migration services. Nuvento’s cloud experts will guide you on your cloud migration and modernization process, accelerating your cloud journey.

Our cloud migration strategy is centered on the 4Rs: Rehost, Refactor, Rearchitect, and Rebuild. Our experts will help you seamlessly transition to the cloud leveraging Azure SQL Database, Azure IaaS services, among others. Nuvento’s Azure cloud migration experts will create a perfect roadmap that complements your current IT infrastructure and find solutions for a smooth cloud journey.

Cloud migration and modernization is a continuous process that spans not just apps and data, but the people, process, and technology too. We take an all-inclusive approach to make sure that your cloud journey is successful. Once your workload starts running on Azure cloud, we offer your business large-scale benefits like efficiency, agility, and scale.

“ Azure Migration Services”

Nuvento’s approach to Azure Cloud Migration


Assess and plan

  • Set team objectives
  • Establish technology matrix
  • Fix security and compliance goals
  • Consolidate resources or application
  • Cloud-readiness assessment
  • Develop an Azure migration strategy
  • List applications, dependencies, and risks
  • Create a roadmap and align resources required
  • Conduct cost-benefit analysis and determine ROI

Design and develop

  • Design Azure reference architecture
  • Develop a secure and compliant base model of cloud
  • Recommend cloud solution architecture
  • Azure resource mapping
  • Install third-party tools
  • Scale your cloud using templates

Migration and solution

  • Test your application in the Azure setting
  • Migrate based on resource/app prioritization
  • Fix a migration strategy and roadmap
  • Migrate your data with the right Azure-native and third party tools
  • Larger applications are migrated to the cloud iteratively
  • Knowledge transfer, training, and handoff

Azure Migration Process

Nuvento Azure Migration Consulting Services

Nuvento is a New Jersey-based Microsoft Gold Partner and Azure migration Consulting Company that guides businesses on how to utilize the power of Azure’s tools and platforms. Microsoft Azure offers various solutions and tools to enable enterprises like yours accomplish complicated tasks that involve managing complex IT infrastructure. Nuvento’s Azure migration services guide you in using these tools and achieving the desired outcome using the Microsoft Azure platform. With guidance from our Azure consultants, you can be sure to build, deploy and manage as well as migrate the most complicated applications and services to the super-fast and cost-efficient Azure platform.


Our Microsoft Azure migration services make it easy to implement solutions as you migrate your simple as well as heavy workloads. Save money with the pay-as you-go model and scale your infrastructure as your organization grows with the right guidance to your Azure migration with Nuvento.

Azure Cloud Migration Capabilities 

Data center modernization

Transform your data center by modernizing it with Azure tools. Be ready for the transforming and growing needs of your business with a data center that is designed to enable agile, service-oriented IT models that are critical for success in the digital economy.

Infrastructure migration

Migrate your on-premises data centers and IT infrastructure to Azure cloud with Nuvento. Azure gives you the free to build, manage and deploy applications on a massive, global network using your favorite tools and frameworks. Follow the three-step process of Assess-Migrate-Optimize.

Application modernization

Experience enhanced application experiences and scalability with modernized platform infrastructure, internal architecture and features leveraging Azure’s fully managed application services such as Azure App Service and Azure API management.

Enterprise Azure migration

Kickstart your enterprise's Azure cloud journey with Nuvento. We give you guidance on assessments and help you plan your Azure cloud migration. We help you identify parts of your workloads that can be moved to the Azure cloud as well as factor in costs and deliver on the performance goals of your business.

Hybrid healthcare application

Our team of cloud experts develop unique solutions based on the specific client requirements. One of our clients wanted to develop a multi tenant application to book doctor appointments, get mobile lab tests and medicines delivered home. We developed an all-in-one solution with Azure that seamlessly integrated all the required features and workflows.

Cloud based EHR solution for schools

At Nuvento, we understand client requirements, provide the right guidance, create and optimize cost-effective cloud-based solutions. We developed a cloud based electronic healthcare record system for schools to enable efficient management of student healthcare records and increase the productivity of school nurses.

Microsoft Azure Migration Service Offerings

Nuvento offers the following Azure services:

Azure Cloud Assessment 

  • Conduct an in-depth assessment of the cloud environment and dependencies of applications 
  • Check plan, cost, methodology and timeline 
  • Set goals for security, compliance and business 
  • Review the current business environment and inventory 
  • Keep key stakeholders aligned to requirements and business cases 

Cloud Migration Planning 

  • Develop a plan with minimal disruptions for migration 
  • Design your target cloud architecture factoring in security, compliance, performance and costs 
  • Develop a migration plan and timeline 

Cloud Migration and Management 

  • Conduct extensive testing on the migration plan and ensure a secure go-live migration 
  • Cloud consulting services 
  • Validation and application testing 
  • Automation and optimization 
  • Azure environment onboarding 
  • Go-live execution 
  • Post-migration support for your business  

Why choose us for Azure migration consulting?

With Nuvento’s Azure cloud migration expertise let you can accelerate your cloud adoption journey in a seamless, secure, low-risk, and cost-optimized manner.

Faster Deployment

12+ years' Experience

Established Blueprints

Reduce Migration Risk

Certified Azure Experts

Better user experience

App development

24/7 Support

Designing a cloud disaster recovery plan


Disasters are unpredictable and unavoidable in most cases. The question is how resilient your business is and how fast you can recover the normal functioning. A robust cloud disaster recovery plan is a must for business continuity. Nuvento’s cloud consulting services offer end-to-end cloud disaster recovery consulting and involves planning, implementation, testing and training based on the budget and business requirements. Learn how to create and implement a cloud disaster recovery plan with cloud and get a better understanding of disaster recovery with Microsoft Azure.

Zero downtime workload migration to Microsoft Azure 


Nuvento’s Azure migration experts allow you to move physical, virtual and the most complex cloud-based workloads into and between Azure with reduced downtime, costs and security risks. No more hassles of agent installations or hypervisor access.  

With Nuvento, complete the migration of business applications, web servers, file servers and other workloads, reliably in a few clicks to Azure. 

Embrace business innovation

Modernize your applications with the powerful tools of Azure with Nuvento. Innovate your business solutions with fully managed services like Azure SQL Database, Azure App Service and Azure IaaS. 

Save costs with optimizations

Nuvento helps you optimize your IT infrastructure and realize massive cost savings of over thousands of dollars by migrating servers on your on-premise data centers to Azure’s servers. 

Stay secure and compliant

We help you leverage Azure’s secure best practices to strengthen your infrastructure security and counter cyberthreats. Meet compliance requirements with Microsoft offerings intended to help customers meet their own compliance obligations across regulated industries and markets. 


How does outsourcing for Microsoft Azure migration work ?

Nuvento’s Azure migration service experts will get in touch with you to thoroughly understand your requirements. Define the project scope. Our team demonstrates different project proposals based on engagement prototypes that are matching with your requirements. On signing the contract, our Azure experts start working on Azure migration.

How long does it take for Azure migration to get completed successfully?

Depending on the scope and complexity of the project, Azure cloud migration might take a few weeks to a few months to get completed successfully. Nuvento’s Azure migration services guarantee well-timed project deliverance with the highest project quality and maximum data security, regardless of how intricate project requirements are.

What are the Azure migration tools ?

Azure Migrate: Server Assessment, Azure Migrate: Server Migration, Web App Migration Assistant, Movere, Database Migration Service (DMS), Database Migration Assistant (DMA), and Azure Data Box are some Azure migration tools. Some of the latest free Azure migration tools that will help in kick-starting Hybrid Azure cloud migration journey include Free Cloud Migration Assessment, Azure Hybrid Use Benefit, and Azure Site Recovery.

What does it take for successful Microsoft Azure migration services ?

A successful Azure migration service will have:

  1. Well-defined strategy
  • Decide on modernization approach
  • Include key stakeholders for smoother and faster migration
  • Work with Nuvento’s managed service provider
  1. Migration plan
  • Assess databases, applications, and infrastructure
  • Calculate Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Frame an all-inclusive migration plan
What is the Azure migration process ?

Assess: On-premise apps, data, and infrastructure are analyzed. By mapping dependencies for various applications, their priority for cloud migration is fixed.

Migrate: With minimal downtime, migrate all your applications and resources to the Azure platform.

Optimize: Boost performance, maximize returns and meet organizational standards by optimizing Azure cloud resources

Security: with the help of built-in Azure services, ensure the security of migrated resources and applications



With Nuvento’s Azure Cloud Migration Services start your Azure Cloud Migration Journey


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