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Cloud App Development

Improve product quality with future-ready cloud application development 

Nuvento offers innovative, scalable cloud app solutions 

Cloud application development services allow businesses to build browser-agnostic, future-proof and scalable applications that are technically and architecturally adapted to be hosted and maintained by the cloud.

Nuvento can guide you in building your SaaS applications and can help you take advantage of the capabilities and services offered by PaaS and IaaS providers for building your cloud appsWe provide cloud-based application development services using Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services and we plug-in integration capabilities that allow for your cloud applications to be deployed in your public, private and hybrid environments.

Our Cloud Capabilities

Application assessment 

The suitability of the application for cloud hosting is assessed based on parameters like business value, technology readiness, and operational risks among others. 

Multiplatform services 

Our team builds fast, ‘one code fits all’ cloud applications that seamlessly runs on various platforms. 

Privacy and security 

Nuvento offers automated security controls for cloud-native apps by integrating DevSecOps for preventing API-linked vulnerabilities and other privacy threats. 

Technologies and approaches

We power cloud apps with the latest technologies and cloud services like AI, data science, IoT, and virtual reality together with implementing a CI/CD approach. 

Why your business needs cloud consulting

Strategic partnerships

We partner with cloud service vendors who are market leaders like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Service (AWS) for custom, enterprise, and other app developments in the cloud.

Cloud app-building expertise

Nuvento can build microservices-driven robust cloud applications with full data control, infrastructure expandability, SLA anticipations, and less operational expenses.

Latest technology and methods

Our application development in the cloud is aligned with the latest technologies like digital natives in the workforce, hybrid cloud and quantum computing, AI, and serverless computing.

Frequently Asked Question 

What is cloud-based technologies?

Cloud-based technologies are the applications, services, and resources made available to users based on their demand raised through the internet from the server of cloud computing service providers. 

What is cloud-based applications?

Cloud-based applications are apps that are designed to function with the help of cloud and local components working together. It runs on the internet with the support of online-stored components and cloud-based process executions. 

How do cloud-based applications function?

Cloud-based applications depend on remote servers for executing logic obtained through various web browsers supported by uninterrupted internet connectivity. 

How do cloud applications differ from web applications?

Cloud applications are quite similar to web applications and native desktop applications except that it runs on the cloud. A web application requires the downloading of software from the web during the time it is run in a system. 

Which are the examples of cloud-based applications?

Microsoft Teams, which is a team collaboration software and part of Microsoft 365 and Office 365 suite is an example of cloud-based application. This cloud-based application can accommodate business of any size. MS Teams core abilities include transferring files, calling/video calling, and business messaging.

For uploading files and managing other files, there are other cloud-based apps like DropBox, and Google Docs, where data storing and processing happen remotely on the cloud.



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