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Cloud Consulting and Strategy 

Redefine business operations with the best cloud strategies  

Importance of Cloud Strategy and Consulting in Business Development 

Nuvento’s cloud strategy and solutions helps enterprises deploy digital assets, IT infrastructure, applications, and services in the cloudOur cloud strategies have numerous business benefits that help our clients accomplish their goals through a value-driven business infrastructure. 


Nuvento helps businesses like yours make the most of the cloud, starting from cloud implementation to cloud management services. Wprovide and manage cloud assessments, technology solutions, and strategies that yield maximum performance with minimum risks and costs. 

Cloud consulting services: The step-by-step process 

  1. Consultation through Q&A and correspondences.  
  2. Analyze the existing IT landscape and infrastructure. 
  3. Set goals and objectives based on the business case. 
  4. Regulate processes and policies for IT service provisioning after cloud migration. 
  5. Create a plan based on business priority, development capabilities, and risk management plans. 
  6. Frame high-level cloud architecture design for apps, data warehouses, infrastructures, and CI/CD pipelines. 
  7. Knowledge transfer to the team regarding cloud transformation. 
  8. Review of infrastructure configuration and codes. 
  9. Cloud managed IT services.

Why your business needs cloud consulting

No or busy IT department

Choosing a cloud consultant and or a managed cloud services provider is crucial for small businesses that have a busy IT department or do not have one.

Too much downtime

Reduce your organization’s downtime with cloud consulting. Cloud experts evaluate causes and deploy the right solution.

Slow deployment

On-premise users face slow software deployment. Cloud migration experts will help in deploying apps faster, reducing projected time, and risks.

Backup concerns

Data backup is never a concern with the cloud. Cloud infrastructure takes fear of risk out of the equation and you can focus on solving actual business concerns.

No cloud experience

Cloud consultants like Nuvento have vast experiences in setting up and managing cloud ecosystems and this is what we help organizations like yours achieve.

You love sustainability

Cloud allows your business to optimally utilize servers, enable greater workload flexibility, reduce material waste while gaining better insights.

Our Cloud Capabilities

Cloud Migration Assessment 

Cloud adaptability of your organization is assessed and a migration plan aligned to the organization’s business goals is created. 

Cloud Automation

We help in automating cloud-based IT infrastructure with effective cloud tools and processes. It enables your organization to achieve workflow targets like continuous integration and continuous deployment. 

Roadmap Strategizing

Your organization’s cloud-first digital transformation initiatives are propelled with the help of a high-level cloud strategy roadmap. 

Cost Optimization

We help in optimizing cloud workloads and right-sizing cloud resources thereby achieving an optimal cost savings rate. 

Cloud Adoption Strategy

Cloud adoption strategy includes phase-wise planning, business case understanding, potential cloud adoption problems, and periodical examination of the adopted cloud. 

Infrastructure Consolidation Assessment

Cloud allows your business to optimally utilize servers, enable greater workload flexibility, reduce material waste while gaining better insights.

Frequently Asked Question 

What is cloud strategy and consulting?

Cloud strategy and consulting helps organizations determine which cloud strategy best fits their processes and systems. A strong cloud consulting service is what your enterprise needs for deciding which cloud platform is appropriate for their business.  

Why do you need a cloud strategy?

Enterprises making a move to the cloud need the right guidance. Here, robust cloud strategy that helps to achieve business goals by minimizing risk exposures is essential. With Nuvento’s cloud strategy, your business will have solutions that increase productivity and improve ROI.  

What do cloud consultants do?

Cloud consultants design cloud strategies, deploy cloud technologies, help enterprises migrate to the cloud platform, and maintain cloud applicationsAt Nuvento, our cloud consultants work on software installation, hardware updates, and cloud customization to fit specific business needs. 

What is a cloud-first strategy?

A cloud first strategy is an organization’s commitment to opt for cloud-based solutions before looking into other alternative solutions. It does not eliminate the possibility of other solutions. 

What is a multi-cloud migration strategy?

Through multi-cloud migration strategy, companies can select different cloud services from different providers based on the cloud capabilities and company requirements. For instance, some companies will have huge data transfers which can be deployed in certain specific cloud platforms only.   

What is a cloud roadmap?

Cloud roadmap is the all-inclusive documentation of your organization’s cloud adoption strategy and objectives. The steps involve, creating action plans and deliverables aligned with the opted cloud adoption strategy. It starts from assessing which is the best cloud solutions provider and ends with cloud migration and cloud technology optimization. 

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